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"If You With Us, You With Us"

Rainy night in the ghetto. Randy, Dukie, and Michael walk up to a vacant. Michael's holding a vacant. Dukie tells him, "You won't need that," and Michael says, "I know," but in a way that suggests he's not entirely sure. Dukie pulls aside the "IF ANIMAL TRAPPED" plank, and the kids tentatively head inside.

Within the house, Dukie leads the way up a flight of stairs, holding a candle. When they get to the upper floor, Randy's flashlight flickers off, but it doesn't matter: Dukie's led them to the body. He pulls off the usual shower curtain, and reveals the body. Dukie points out that the guy didn't move. Michael gives him a couple of exploratory pokes with his baseball bat. Randy asks whether the guy is dead, and Michael confirms that he is. "Lex too," Randy surmises, and Dukie replies, "He dead. They all is. Feel better?" I guess that's probably a kind of cold comfort -- at least that you know when you're dead, you're done; you don't just spend eternity shuffling around Baltimore's very worst neighbourhoods. Dukie says that Donut was wrong -- there isn't any such thing as "special dead." He replaces the shower curtain and sighs, "They just...dead." Dukie leads the way out, followed by Michael, but Randy remains, looking at what I would hope (but don't actually believe) is his first dead body.

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