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"Don't Worry, Kid. You're Still On The Clock."

Chez Daniels. Marla is listening dubiously as Daniels explains the pros of taking the Jane Doe murders, like having "Rawls as a rabbi." He insists, "It could still work for me." Marla shakes her head: "Listen to yourself." "I love the job, Marla," says Daniels gravely. "I can't help it." "The job doesn't love you," says Marla ruefully. Daniels pushes himself to the edge of his seat and gets in close to Marla: "You know what I love?" He takes her hand. "The mind that's always a step ahead of me. The person who never stops thinking it through. That's what I fell in love with first." Marla murmurs, "Do you know what I fell in love with first? Do you? Your ambition." She shakes her head again: "Where did that man go?" She glides out of the room, leaving Daniels alone to think that he probably sold that guy for all that mysterious shady money we keep getting tantalizingly few details about, goddammit!

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