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"Don't Worry, Kid. You're Still On The Clock."

Daniels has apparently been called to the carpet in Rawls's office; the colonel peels an orange onto a piece of Kleenex as Daniels explains, "I gave your man some room, is all." Rawls takes an over-dramatic beat before correcting him: "You gave him a home. Detective Moreland's target looks to be the same as yours." Daniels briefly sucks his cheeks before answering, simply, "No." But Rawls says "yes." We see that Jay is in the room with them as Rawls suggests that Daniels could take the Jane Does and "turn that half-assed detail...into something that matters." He says that if Daniels can clear the murders, Rawls will be happy about the stats; if not, then Rawls has rigged it so that Homicide's stats won't be adversely affected: "It's win-win for me." Daniels somehow manages not to have to shift in his seat around the gigantic pair of balls he's just grown as he repeats, "No." Rawls tries to sweeten the deal by saying that "a good turn here will not be forgotten." Daniels patiently explains, "I'm trying to dig myself out of the basement with something simple and clean here. Drug arrests -- maybe a prostitution bust if I get lucky." The camera cuts for a moment to Jay, who watches Daniels with what might be grudging admiration. Daniels stands as he tells Rawls he's sorry: "You keep the murders, and my ass stays covered." He turns and saunters out, leaving Rawls to suck on an orange segment, commenting to Jay, "Smarter than he looks." Um, even Herc wouldn't have fallen for that offer.

Port of Baltimore. And sure enough, Beadie's back in her cruiser and uniform -- and, due to the latter, probably a sweaty boot rash to rival any Leela ever suffered. She pulls up next to Frank's trailer, the man himself watching her in surprise. But when Beadie peers out the window at him with a wry smile, Frank gruffs, "Where's your friend?" Beadie plays dumb, and Frank clarifies, "The black fellow -- the Homicide guy." Beadie tells him that, as far as she knows, the case is over. Frank tries to tamp down his explosive joy and relief as Beadie adds, "You all didn't go for nothing, and no one on the ship did, either, so he sent me back and moved on to new business." Frank cautiously approaches the car as he even more cautiously asks if she's "back to the usual." She says she is, sighing like she's bummed to have the exciting police work wrapped up, and adding that she won't be around Patapsco or North Point very much: "Starting tomorrow, I'm down at the Fairfield Terminals...Bosses want another car patrolling the chemical plants. 'Cause of terrorism, I guess." If the mention of chemicals and terrorism ring any Nick-shaped bells for Frank, he remains completely poker-faced before sliding into a smarmy grin and cooing, "You're too pretty for the Fairfield Piers, darling. You need to be uptown here with us." Beadie rolls her eyes fondly and takes off, Frank receding into the distance in her side-view mirror. As she drives on, she smiles at her own deceptive skills. Remember, kids: there's no law against a cop lying to you!

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