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"Don't Worry, Kid. You're Still On The Clock."

Gold Club. Prez and Kima watch as a guy walks out, trailed by several scantily clad ladies, and then another guy, and another crowd of women; each set of ladies and minder climbs into a bulletproof-looking silver SUV. "Lotta girls, lotta muscle," comments Kima. She turns to Prez, who still mostly looks worried that his wife might catch him checking out the talent.

Clement Street Café. Ziggy is pawing all over some girl, who asks him, without much force, to get off her. Nick is at the bar, still looking at the papers, and asks Ziggy when he got served with them. Ziggy says that they came in the mail that morning. Nick, no fool (or possibly no stranger to paternity suits), pointedly repeats, "In the mail?" Ziggy doesn't get it, and Nick, squinting at the papers, says that when Pokey Barber was hit with a paternity suit, he was served the papers at his house, by a sheriff. Ziggy shrugs -- perhaps thinking he's such a bad-ass that a sheriff would be too scared to try to mess with him in person -- and a boisterous laugh goes up again from old-timers' table. Nick looks over, watching Maui carefully not meeting his eye, and we hear that the jukebox is playing "Love Child" again. Ziggy still doesn't seem to have twigged to what's going on, and doesn't react as Nick asks Dolores to use the bar phone. Ziggy asks who he's calling, and Nick tells him "the lawyer on this fucking piece of bullshit." Ziggy incredulously yelps that there won't be a law firm open at this time of night, and as Nick intensely listens to the ring on his end, we hear the tinny electronic ring of a cell phone in the bar, because of course, Maui was behind the whole thing, and picks up his phone to chuckle, "Shyster, Shyster, and Shyster." The guys at his table all erupt in laughter, especially Maui. Nick hangs up, smacks the papers back down in front of Ziggy, and looks over at Maui, smirking despite himself. Ziggy is still oblivious as to the situation, so Nick has to chuck him on the shoulder and point out, "He got you, Zig." Surprise! Ziggy doesn't get it, and Nick looks over at Maui, losing his shit, and soon singing along with the chorus of the song. Even Nick, despite his loyalty to Ziggy, starts cracking up at the bar, while, next to him, Ziggy bitterly pinches his nose and stews ineffectually -- pretty much the only kind of stewing he knows how to do.

The first truck full of strippers pulls up to the gate of a parking garage. We get an overhead security-cam view of the driver holding out a pass, and the gate rumbles open; then we see Prez and Kima, following at a discreet distance, and watching as both trucks enter the garage. Kima rolls past, stopping at the front entrance of what appears to be a fairly new luxury condo tower. So the girls are essentially sex slaves, but at least they live in a building that might have a pool. There are ups and downs in any work situation.

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