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"Don't Worry, Kid. You're Still On The Clock."

Detail office. Lester is still watching the port database, and prints something out. Not specs for a new dollhouse-miniature highboy, I assume.

At the condo, Kima is trying to get the doorman to let her pee someplace, but he tells her that there isn't a restroom in the lobby, and that unless she's an approved visitor, he can't authorize her to go any further than the lobby. It's all a ruse to let Prez wander over by the elevators and watch the numbers to see where the truck's occupants end up: 6th floor. The doorman soon notices Prez, calling over to ask if he's a resident, but Prez nonchalantly strides out past him -- "Wrong building" -- subtly tapping Kima on the back so that she quits the pee charade and follows.

Outside, Prez tells Kima that they went to the sixth floor, and feels like way more of a stud than you would think a guy in a Sears windbreaker could.

Detail office. Lester comes over to the table in the bullpen, which is covered in the detritus of a pizza dinner, and hands Beadie his printout, telling her that Horseface is due to work the Esmeralda the next day. Beadie excitedly surmises, "So we're on." Bunk tells Lester that they'll need help with surveillance on the docks, since Lester and Bunk are known there now. Lester suggests involving Kima and Prez. Beadie asks whether they should tell Daniels, but Lester wisely tells her, "Right now, the less he knows he's involved in the murder investigation, the happier he'll feel." Bunk nods sagely, and they clink cans on it. Pop cans! Though I do hope the two of them have occasion to bump butts before Season 5 is out.

Morning dawns, with Nick pulling up to the curb in Frog's sales region in a giant black truck. Frog fawningly asks, "New truck, yo?" Nick casually says, "We're making money, here, right?," and we watch him deliver his line from Herc and Carver's vantage point, above the street, hearing it muffled via the bug in the tennis ball (which we now see they've stuck into a crumpled paper cup in the gutter). Herc, pointing, says that Nick is "some kind of supplier," and tells Carver to get some shots of Nick's truck tags. Frog and Nick talk business, Frog commenting that Nick's package is "tight," and the "best thing around [there] in a long while." As they talk, he idly steps on the end of the cup and pops out the tennis ball. Carver and Herc, of course, both react in horror, because they have to bring back this four-figure piece of equipment in a matter of hours. We watch as Frog tosses the ball from hand to hand and bounces it off the pavement, turning their audio track into a succession of loud thuds. Nick and Frog do a chest-bump handshake thing, and once Nick has moved on, Frog takes the ball and hurls it into the air. Carver immediately scrambles out of their hiding place and tears off into the street, following the tennis ball as it bounces along. Back in the squat, Herc listens as the ball bounces into traffic, doggedly pursued by Carver. Cars whizzing by force Carver to stay at the curb, and he can see the tennis ball as it rolls slowly toward a sewer opening in the curb...but then we hear an air horn and realize that the ball has a more immediate and much harsher fate in store, as a semi comes into view. Carver desperately tries to stop the truck, but the truck's momentum is against him, and before long, the ball has been flattened not once, not twice, but thrice. Carver looks like he might cry. Back in the squat, Herc taps the side of his headphones, confused as to where the sound could have gone. The sound went squish, buddy. The sound went squish.

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