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"I Need To Get Clean"

Spiros pulls into a parking garage. Bunk's car rolls past the entrance, and he pulls around to a curb across the way. Soon, Kima rolls into the frame, and heads in after Spiros. Bunk looks over at McNulty, who's taking forever to get his camera ready, and cracks that he might as well set up an easel on the sidewalk and do a sketch instead. A camera...with film? In 2003? Still? Okay.

Spiros pulls into the lot and parks. Kima pulls in and goes in the opposite direction, parking so that they can still see Spiros in the rearview mirror. Jittery but trying to maintain her calm, Beadie asks, "Anything I ought to know?" "Use the city," Kima advises. "Windows, mirrors, reflections -- anything like that." Beadie takes a deep breath and puts her sunglasses on, throwing her jacket over her arm to hide the radio in her hands. As she opens the car door, Kima remembers to tell her to stay on Kima's frequency. Beadie nods and climbs out, looking pale. Kima radios that Spiros should be leaving the garage on foot. Outside, Bunk copies. McNulty readies the camera as they watch Spiros coming out of the garage, and Beadie following about fifty feet back. Bunk pulls off, to follow along the road. We see Spiros on a walkway, Beadie behind him -- having closed the distance between them by twenty feet or so -- and weaving in and out of pillars to keep an eye on him without his noticing her. Spiros rounds a corner and stops to light a cigarette. Beadie freezes, not wanting to give herself away, but then remembers Kima's advice and looks up to see him in one of those round mirrors mounted in a corner. After a moment, Spiros takes off walking again; after a moment, Beadie follows. Where's her front? I guess that's...

...Bunk? In the car? Anyway, he's set up ahead of Spiros, and McNulty gets a shot of him. Soon, of course, Beadie walks into their line of vision, and Bunk self-congratulates, "Beadie Russell. She wasn't much when we started, you know." "But now she's got game," says McNulty appreciatively, as Spiros ducks into a Hyatt. How much game has she got? Maybe someday McNulty will find out.

Spiros walks through the Hyatt lobby, Beadie still following discreetly. As he approaches the elevator, she looks like she's about to throw up, but finally decides she can't risk losing him, and hurries after him, ducking into the elevator juuuust in the nick of time. Once in it, she's careful not to look at him as she tightly thanks him. As the elevator goes up, Beadie fidgets in her jacket pocket, so Spiros has to go out ahead of her when they stop on his floor. She makes sure to note which floor they're on, and then steps out and goes down the hallway in the opposite direction. Spiros seems to get a flash of intuition, and turns around to see if she's still behind him, but she's this point. Once she's assured herself via the handy hallway mirror that he's back on the move, she resumes her decorous stalking. She watches around a corner to see which room he stops at, and once he's knocked and been admitted, she waits to hear the door close again, and radios that she has Spiros going into a room on the fifth floor. Kima tells her to go see the room number, and then go wait for him in the lobby. Beadie doesn't break stride as she strolls past Room 520, smirking proudly to herself. Kima radios to Bunk that Spiros is in a room and could be a while. Bunk copies. Hope he and McNulty like Twenty Questions.

Port Of Baltimore. Frank and his big shoulders are unloading a heavy-looking cylinder of something or other. He hops out, asks whether everything around is going to chassis, and orders someone to go get a forklift. Nat's like, "Okay, you're not president of the loading dock," but just watches as Frank clambers into another container and starts unloading it, too. But the guy on the ground won't take a box from him, and Frank inefficiently has to hop back out and put it on the pile himself. He gives a long look at Nat as he returns to the container, but if he's looking to Nat to give him absolution, he'll be waiting a little longer.

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