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"I Need To Get Clean"

Spiros's house. Bunk and McNulty are out front as morning dawns, yawning and complaining that Spiros didn't come home. McNulty suggests that maybe he got lucky, and Bunk intones, "Maybe we didn't." McNulty asks whether Bunk thinks Spiros got rid of yesterday's car because he "picked up the tail" (that's what he said). Bunk shrugs. God, they both must smell so bad.

Nick is sitting on a park bench when Spiros rolls up to meet him. While we're still looking at his back, Nick mopes that if Spiros hadn't called him the previous night, Nick never would have found him. We cut to a view of both men from the front (Spiros dapper as ever; Nick looking unslept and unshaven and crazy) as Spiros claps Nick on the back, telling him, "It's going to be all right. We can make it all right." Nick shakes his head, saying that he never should have "gone down the road" with Spiros and his colleagues, but Spiros waves that off: "You tried to make something of yourself. There's no harm in that. And you still have friends." Nick flatly says, "I'm busted. So's my uncle and the whole fucking union. And Ziggy? Christ!" Spiros promises, "We will be a friend to him, too." Nick says that there's nothing Spiros's people can do about him: "Ziggy's done." Spiros murmurs that nothing is done. He pulls a passport out of his pocket and hands it to Nick, who opens it to the photo page and marvels, "That's not your name!" Wow, can't put a thing past this guy. "Many names, many passports," says Spiros smugly. "We can do many things." Nick looks intrigued, and hoarsely asks what Spiros can do for Ziggy. Spiros looks him straight in the eye and says, "We ask only loyalty." He rubs Nick's shoulder reassuringly as Nick tries not to melt all over the man he clearly hopes will be his new, less disapproving daddy.

Detail office. Frank's put on a clean shirt and straightened himself up, as he tells the assembled officers that Beadie asked him to come in. Rhonda, at his right, tells him that they want to know what he's looking for, to avoid misunderstandings later. Frank, still so ashamed, says that he's just looking for help with Ziggy, and that he can't stay where they have him. Rhonda easily says that they can move him to a county facility. We cut back to Frank -- and, in a heartbreaking detail, this shot has Real-Life Frank framed with Target Frank on the board, just behind his left shoulder -- who nods, and asks about Nick. Rhonda calmly says that he'll be arrested and charged, but that if Nick and Frank co-operate, they'll only get probation. Frank sighs, looking down at his coffee. Daniels takes over: "But what we can and cannot do for you and your family depends on the level of your co-operation." Frank infers that this means they want to know how much he can give them, and offers, "I got dirt on all of them. I'll put myself in, too. Whatever you need. Anything but the union. I ain't putting in no union men. I'll give you them dead girls in the can. I'll give you The Greek -- all them sons of bitches -- just to have it off my chest. Just look to my son and my nephew." Rhonda has been trying not to jump up onto the table and do a little jig during this recitation, and finally says that she has to advise Frank to get a lawyer. Frank looks around, confused: "We're not gonna do this now?" He needs to get clean, guys. Rhonda says that he needs to have a lawyer present; once he does, they can get started with him first thing the next day. Frank rubs his forehead, frustrated that his confessional mood has been for nothing, but briskly gets up and heads toward the door. Before he leaves, though, Lester speaks up: "I gotta ask, why did you stop using your cell phone?" Frank reminds him, "You guys flagged it. You think I didn't know?" Beadie gives the rest of the cops kind of an arch look, like she's a bit proud of Frank, despite everything.

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