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"I Need To Get Clean"

Montage-os! Under the bridge, the pearl-gray BMW pulls up, and Spiros and his henchmen get out. At the FBI, a functionary puts an official stamp on Fitz's fax and puts it in a file, and we get a file cart's-eye view as it rolls through the office. As the rain starts pissing down, Frank drives to the meet, lighting a cigarette. At the bridge, we see that one of the people who've joined Spiros for this date is The Greek. The cart rolls on. Frank drives. The woman who'd filed the fax takes it out to give to another office functionary. Under his umbrella, The Greek gazes out at the view. Frank drives some more. The office functionary transcribes information about the proffer session with Frank...who pulls in behind Spiros's new car and gets out. The office functionary sends the information. Koutris gets an alert about it, bad; Koutris sees everything Frank told the detail about The Greek and the dead Jane Does. Frank strides confidently to meet with Spiros. Koutris picks up his phone. Frank walks. The Greek gets a call. We all marvel that, in the information age, whether Frank lives or dies can be decided in the time it takes him to walk a few dozen yards. The Greek listens, his face darkening, and returns to Spiros's side to report, "Your way -- it won't work." Spiros closes his eyes sadly. And Frank walks to his destiny.

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