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"I Need To Get Clean"

I.B.S. hall. Settles and Valchek are standing over Frank and Horseface when Reese enters, saying, "They're out there now." "Showtime, Frankie," says Valchek, even more smugly pulling Frank out of his chair so that he can personally lead him outside.

Valchek opens the door of the hall to a scrum of reporters, screeching their questions, snapping photos...the usual media clusterfuck. We cut to a blurry news-camera-view as Valchek shoves Frank forward, even holding his head by the chin so that his face is framed for the camera. Hey, there's David Simon! Aw, it's like he went back in time to what he used to do before he made all our lives better by producing The Wire. Anyway, Frank has no comment to offer the reporters before Valchek crams him into the cop car.

At Homicide, Jay sits, chastened, as Daniels stands imperiously over him. "Let me ask you: who exactly am I working all these dead girls for?" Daniels demands. "The Homicide unit, right? The same Homicide unit that can't put two and two together and pick up a phone, leaving me to read it a day and a half later in the Baltimore Sun." Jay flares his nostrils, looking so miserable to be in the position of taking shit instead of dishing it out, as usual. Daniels takes a moment to swipe the rage spittle from the corners of his mouth, marshals his strength, and asks what Jay took from the scene of Glekas's murder. Jay says that they have photos, latent prints, and spent shell casings. He pauses a moment, and then squeezes his eyes shut, muttering, "Fuck!" At a normal voice: "They cleaned everything else, huh." Daniels smiles bitterly: "Even for a supremely fucked-up police department, this takes the prize." You know, I have to agree. Jay looks down miserably. Daniels trudges to a table in the corner and drops to perch on the corner, crossing his arms as he asks, of Ziggy, "How'd the kid play it?" Jay says that he signed a full statement, explaining that it was over stolen cars. Daniels asks whether Jay thinks Ziggy will say any more, and Jay sighs, "He's been processed and assigned a PD," so that if Daniels wants to talk to him, he'll have to go through Ziggy's lawyer. See, again: this is why it would have been handy, once Jay learned that Ziggy's last name is "Sobotka," if he'd called Daniels in to meet him, you know? Daniels offers a world-champion eye-roll and trudges toward the door. "I'm sorry, Lieutenant," says Jay lamely. "It's my bad." Oh, sure -- it's just a law-enforcement an air ball! No big deal! Daniels doesn't dignify that, rolling his eyes again and stalking out disgustedly.

In an interrogation room, Herc and Carver are trying to work over Eton. As you might expect, he is more than equal to their line of questioning and is basically acting like they're not even there. When Carver lights a cigarette and blows the smoke in his face, Eton rouses himself to look offended, but keeps his name a tantalizing secret.

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