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"I Need To Get Clean"

In another interrogation room, Beadie and Kima are with Ilona, who also sits silent when asked her name. Kima presses, and Ilona drawls something that starts with "Lesbianca." Clever?

In yet another interrogation room, Fitz and McNulty ask Sergei to state his name. Sergei still looks a little pink from his exertions upon his arrest, and also doesn't say anything. McNulty sits back smugly and says that, for now, they'll just call him Boris. Sergei crabs, again, that he always gets called Boris, but doesn't choose the obvious recourse to address the situation.

And in yet still another interrogation room, Reese (with Agent Toni Lewis and Mason in town) reads Frank the charges he's facing: "Racketeering Wire fraud. Conspiracy to import heroin. Conspiracy to violate federal Customs statutes. White slavery." Um...why "white" slavery? Is that actually a separate kind of crime than, like, Asian slavery? And if so, is the sentence harsher because of the victims' whiteness? In 2003? Anyway, Lewis says that, for now, they're only charging the Customs violations, but that a Grand Jury indictment will expose him to more. In his chair, Frank huffs like an angry bull. Reese suggests, "Name names, and come clean. You help yourself and your union." Frank is particularly galled by this advice: "'Help my union'?" He takes a long, pre-pontificating pause before going on: "For twenty-five years, we've been dying slow down there. Dry docks rusting. Piers standing empty. My friends and their kids -- like we got the cancer. No lifeline got thrown all that time. Nothing from nobody. And now you wanna help us? Help me?" The feds are not exactly moved to tears by Frank's tale of woe, because they all went to college, and sort of regard him as they wait and hope he's gotten it all out of his system, not knowing how long they're going to have to wait.

Now McNulty and Kima are in with White Mike. Much more accommodating than any of the immigrants, he easily gives them his name, and confirms his street handle. McNulty plays a recording of his "Did he have hands?" phone conversation with Sergei, at which White Mike looks super-duper guilty. Once McNulty's snapped it off, Kima says that they've talked to White Mike's suppliers: "They cleaned up and left you holding the dirt." "Suppliers of what?" bluffs White Mike, poorly. Kima says that White Mike discusses a drug buy on this tape, and that they have photos tying him to his stash house, and of him at Glekas's warehouse for re-ups. McNulty flatly tells White Mike to do himself a favour, and White Mike certainly looks as though he doesn't have much fight left in him.

Courthouse. Frank gets off an elevator with two lawyers, who exposit that they're on their way to a detention hearing: "You're not a flight risk, you have no meaningful priors, and so far, they've only hit you with one count." As Frank anxiously smooths down what little hair he has, the lawyer explains that the magistrate will ask some questions, and that "barring anything unforeseen," Frank will be out in an hour. I have to think this won't be so reassuring to Frank, since all we've seen him experience this season is the unforeseen, starting with...the container he helped smuggle without knowing it was full of people. But anyway, he promises his lawyer that he didn't tell the agents anything.

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