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"I Need To Get Clean"

At the (Louis) Sobotka house, Frank and Louis are meeting over beers. Louis is saying he's sorry for Ziggy, and for Frank: "We should've paid more attention to our own." Frank pessimistically says he doesn't think he could have stopped Ziggy no matter how much attention he paid: "Like anyone could ever control him." Louis says that he was thinking about Nick, too. Frank shakes his head ruefully, saying that the cops are "dropping the net on all the guys," and that the stevedores' habit of "misplacing" containers sometimes is well known, so Nick will probably be all right. "They tossed my house, Frank," says Louis in horror. "They don't do that when there's a couple of cases of vodka missing." He turns around and pulls a piece of paper onto the table: "They made me sign the search warrant. That's a receipt, like, for what they found. Heroin, Frank. From this house!" Frank, studying the warrant, insists, "That can't be right. I knew Nicky and Zig was boosting stuff. Cameras, shit like that. Nothing like this." "You knew?" marvels Louis. "And once Nicky got used to boosting stuff and seeing a little money, what'd you think he was gonna do? Turn straight all of a sudden and give it up? Naaaah, Frank! Once you gave him a taste on the house, just--" Frank insists, "I mean, he knows. He knew!" That...heroin is too bad for a corrupt stevedore to get involved with? Frank goes on: "Everything I did-- the cans I let through, the money we got from that went to keeping what we had!" "Goddammit, Frank!" yells Louis. "Don't let that excuse this. Not this!" He stands up, too enraged to sit any longer: "Uncle Frank, with the big shoulders. 'If it's broke, give it to my uncle. He can fix it.'" Louis heavily trudges up the stairs, leaving his beer half-drunk on the table. That's how upset he is.

Motel in a bad part of town. Hookers stroll the parking lot. A cute dog, "Killer," runs around scooping up treats. Omar stands in the shadows, watching as Lamar walks along the second-floor railing and knocks on a door. Inside, Mouzone sits on the bed, his only nod to evening's relaxation is to have taken off his jacket. He sets aside his book and admits Lamar, staying out of view of anyone below, and asks whether Lamar's found him the new Harper's yet. Lamar, already preparing himself for the heck he knows he's about to be in, sadly says that stores in the neighbourhood don't have a selection that goes beyond Vibe or porn. Mouzone can communicate his every wish in a silent look, and Lamar backs out of the room, in search of a Borders or something. Mouzone doesn't look hopeful. We get the Omar's-eye view as Lamar comes back out onto the railing, and tosses a tidbit to the dog. Omar takes a drag from his cigarette and takes a step backward until the glowing heater is all we can see.

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