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"I Need To Get Clean"

I.B.S. hiring hall, by day. Frank rolls into the parking lot and walks into the building, trying to keep his head high even under the looks of his colleagues. Inside, he checks the whiteboard to look at the specs for the three ships that will be coming in that day, and wanders over to Nat, who's reading a paper with Frank's and Horseface's mug shots on the front page. Hard to keep your authority under those circumstances, I would think. Anyway, with La La and Little Big Roy, that redheaded guy, coming up behind him, Frank tells Nat, "Good day for a ship." Without lowering his paper, Nat calmly replies, "This is the hiring hall, Frank. Working stevedores only." Frank swallows hard and flicks his eyes around; then he turns and asks Little Big Roy for his union card. Awkwardly, Little Big Roy says he needs it, because he'll be working the Cape St. George. Frank offers to work it for him. LBR doesn't get it. Frank says that he'll work the ship on LBR's card, and that LBR can go to the bar: "End of the week, you get paid." LBR obviously can't beat that offer, and digs out his card for Frank, who takes it up to Phil, in a cage. Phil doesn't feel like playing along, and says he doesn't see the resemblance. Frank: "We're both bald. We're both Polacks. What the fuck else you need to know?" Um...whether this will actually make you feel clean? Phil chuckles at this crack -- as does Nat, seemingly despite himself -- and prints out a ticket for Frank to take to the ship. Frank gives LBR his card back and heads out to the ship.

McNulty and Bunk are staking out Spiros's house, and get an eyeful when he pops out, looking smart in a sand-coloured summer jacket and crisp beige dress pants. They comment that he's smartened up his look -- McNulty musing that it might be "Perry Ellis or something." I would have said Calvin Klein, but sure. Bunk: "Now, how would a just-rolled-out-of-bed-looking motherfucker like you know the designer?" McNulty, a little miffed, admits that he's guessing. But Bunk isn't! "It's a Joseph Abboud," he says confidently. "He puts dark buttons instead of brass on his blazers. That's the Abboud signature." "You know what they call a guy who pays that much attention to his clothes, right?" goads McNulty, trying to deflect his shame to be sitting in Bunk's car wearing last year's Gap t-shirt (with yesterday's pit stains still moist on it), but it doesn't work on Bunk anyway, who just grunts, "A grown-up." Hee. Spiros gets into his car, and Bunk radios to Kima, who pulls out from the curb to follow Spiros, Beadie excitedly riding shotgun.

Port Of Baltimore. Stevedores are stevedoring. A guy rolls by and sees Frank in a container, unloading boxes, and cracks to another one, "That's a first." "Sweat from a checker," agrees the second dude. If his aim was to impress people with his work ethic, it doesn't look like it's working.

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