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"I Need To Get Clean"

We open in a girlish bedroom, where Nick lies in bed, snoring. Nestled next to him, up close, is...Prissy. Oh, Nick. The camera slowly pans across them and to her bedside table, where the clock radio (in front of which lies a litter of purple press-on nails, hee hee) shows 5:59 AM...and then 6:00, when the alarm goes off with the kind of annoying morning-zoo yammer that always gets me slamming the snooze button within a fraction of a second.

Elsewhere, cops led by Herc bust into a house that -- based on the gigantic portrait of Pope John Paul II sitting on the TV -- I'm going to guess is owned by a family of Polish descent. (Specifically: Nick's.)

At Pyramid, Daniels leads another raid team.

Bunk and Lester tear ass into Glekas's store.

At Nick's, Herc has roused Aimee out of bed, and orders her to turn around and put her hands up.

At Pyramid, Daniels and Kima search through drawers and safes, frustrated to find nothing. Kima goes to the bathroom, and uses a knife to scrape up the bits of heroin residue still sticking to the drain cover. She shows the evidence to Daniels, who bites his cheek and shakes his head.

At Glekas's, Lester and Bunk also come up empty-handed, and are also crabby about it.

Cops lead White Mike out of his house and to a waiting squad car; all the while, he vociferously protests...well, I guess it's not quite "innocence" if you're just saying the cops won't find anything.

Beadie's at Eton's, and gives him a hilariously maternal look of disappointment as she comes downstairs with a handgun in a baggie. Eton is led away.

McNulty, Fitz, and others creep up a flight of stairs and kick their way into Sergei's bedroom. He doesn't go quietly, and it appears to take all their combined strength to keep him pinned to the floor. Nice arms, Boris!

At Nick's, Carver pokes around in the basement, and shortly finds the wad, which seems to have been joined by a twin since we last saw it.

Fitz and McNulty lead Sergei down his stairs.

Herc and Carver are thrilled to find three baggies of drugs in a gym bag.

Herc and Carver go to the living room -- where Aimee, Joan, and Louis have been herded -- and confront the quasi-suspects with the drugs and cash. Nick's parents look like they're about to cry.

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