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"Lambs To The Slaughter Here"

Lex ambles up to the playground, looking excited to see Patrice, because if we've learned anything in this episode, it's that he's not bright. He stops at the sight of a figure, leaning on a merry-go-round in the shadows, but when she steps into the light, he sees it's not Patrice at all, but Snoop. And I swear, it wasn't until I saw this moment -- possibly the first time we've ever seen her actual figure in silhouette -- that I realized Snoop was a woman and not just a very tall, fairly precocious boy. I don't know, I'm slow. Also, she's kind of...boyish. Anyway, Lex evidently recognizes her and realizes that this means nothing good, but when he turns to run away, he sees he's boxed in by Partlow. He tries to stammer out an apology, but Partlow just casually scratches his chin with the hand holding his gun: "Yeah. It's good."

Meanwhile, Carver and Bunk are parked in Carver's car, staking out what Carver knows to be Lex's corner, though it's currently manned only by Bodie. Bunk complains, "Where is that skinny mope?" Carver says they'll just jack him tomorrow. Bunk agrees, thoughts of Glenlivet already dancing in his head.

Randy's selling snacks to some guys playing dice in some kind of walkway when Little Kevin appears and pulls him aside, asking whether Randy did what Little Kevin had asked him to. Randy guardedly says that he did, and Little Kevin says that he must have: "The nigga went up the block, but he ain't never coming back down. Chris and Snoop?" He mimes holding out a gun and murmurs, "Pow!" Randy can barely react to this revelation, but Little Kevin calmly peels off another bill for him and tells him to "be cool" before moving along -- and without even taking any Skittles for the road.

Carcetti campaign office. Norman and Carcetti enter the back room, where Terri and Gerry have crunched his poll numbers. And they're...not good. Carcetti is tracking much lower than he needs to be, and Gray hasn't siphoned off enough of Royce's support. Terri tries to spin it by saying that Royce's negatives are up and that a significant fraction of the electorate is still undecided, but that just gives Carcetti evidence that his radio spots haven't done shit. Throwing the poll binder at a couch, he bitches, "I can't win this," and stomps out like the puling crybaby he is. Norman calls after him that he's Carcetti's ride, to no avail, and when he turns back to Terri, she shrugs: "The man can read a poll." Man alive, it must suck so hard to have to lie about shit like this for a living -- and to someone you know sees through you. No wonder Terri had to get those big fake boobs to feel better about herself.

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