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"Lambs To The Slaughter Here"

And then we get the aftermath of...Lex, as Snoop steals out of a vacant row house, and Partlow uses their fancy new nail gun to replace the "IF ANIMAL TRAPPED" board over the doorway. Smell you later, Lex. Well, not for a while, if they've used enough quicklime.

Carcetti's temper fit has brought him to the waterfront, where he's drunkenly loitering on a park bench when a cop comes along. The officer can tell that he's drunk, and reminds him that the park curfew is midnight. Carcetti sarcastically marvels that the city can be averaging a murder a day, and this dude is coming at him with "Park and Rec rules." The cop takes umbrage, asking if Carcetti's a smart-ass, and Carcetti backs down like a little bitch. This, of course, is when the cop realizes that he recognizes Carcetti, who flips into candidate mode and identifies himself. The cop tells him he'll be back in twenty minutes and will expect Carcetti to have taken his drunken ass elsewhere, and drives off, leaving Carcetti to gaze at the sideline and dream of a day when he can decree that the park remain open until 1.

Elsewhere, Randy sits on his stoop, staring into space and cursing his culpability in Lex's murder. A cop car rolls by, sirens blaring, and then Randy's FM comes to the door and calls him inside, so he can hate himself with a roof over his head.

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