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"Lambs To The Slaughter Here"

...and stalks back out to the bullpen, Lester on her heels. Rhonda: "Four weeks before the Baltimore city primary, you had me a stack of drug money subpoenas that hit a dozen key political figures?" Lester scratches his chin: "There's an election? Who's running?" I'm kind of surprised that someone as smart as Lester wouldn't be aware of the election, and...oh. I see what he's doing.

Carcetti is having breakfast in a diner with an unnamed former mayor of Baltimore (Sam Coppola), shit-talking Royce. Mayor Former says that people also said the city was in the toilet during his term, but Carcetti dismisses that, saying that Mayor Former was dealt a bad hand what with "the riots" and all. Yeah, that's not the kind of thing you really want happening when you're in charge. Carcetti talks some boring strategy, saying that he could win if Gray's numbers go up because he's trying to get voters from Royce's base and blah blah blah, until Norman enters, stagily checking his watch. Carcetti tries to wrap things up just as Mayor Former tells him that the era of the white mayor is over in Baltimore. Norman, who didn't move from the table once he entered (hee), reminds Carcetti that he's due at a senior center: "And I don't want to be lying to a room full of wrinkle-assed voters 'cause you wanted to talk shop all the damn morning." Mayor Former reminds Carcetti that seniors vote, which seems to be all the spur Carcetti needs to get lost, leaving Norman to toss a bill on the table. Mayor Former tells Norman, "The candidate's on your clock. Don't ever let him forget it." Norman just says, "No indeed," instead of "Have we met?"

Kima takes a bunch of papers in to Lieutenant Asher (Gene Terinoni), being very vague about her subpoena requests and distracting him as he signs by talking about the vacation home he's building in Delaware. As he signs the last paper, he tells Kima he has to go to the site on Tuesday to meet with the contractor, and Kima cheerfully says that she and Lester will cover for him. Well, she does owe him a favour now.

Kima comes back out, shows Lester what she essentially tricked Asher into signing, and gets a low five for her efforts. "Cake," she crows. Yep, everything sure is going right at the unit!

Corner. Bodie's standing around with Lex, who's having trouble with his baby mama, Patrice. Bodie exposits that Patrice and Lex aren't together anymore. And then a car pulls up, and Bodie has to call over to Namond Brice (Julito McCullum) to put down his magazine and go deal with the guy. And, I mean, if you're not passionate about what you're doing, you're bound to do a crap job -- no matter how much you're making over the minimum wage. As Namond jogs off, Bodie yells after him to do something with his ponytail, telling Lex, "Cops can make his ass from a mile away." Lex still wants to talk about Patrice. Bodie shrugs that Lex just said she's with Fruit now, and Lex says that if Fruit doesn't back off, he's going to "fill his ass with some hot ones," which probably means something different here than it would if this show aired on Logo. Bodie snorts, and Lex insists that he really means what he says, but before they can get into it, Slim Charles pulls up, mildly crabbing that Bodie hasn't needed a re-up in the last week. Bodie says that it's been slow since they moved from Fayette Street (indeed, this new corner looks totally desolate), and Charles shrugs that Marlo wanted that site. Bodie, seething, says he doesn't like rolling over for anyone, and that he wants to do something, but Charles mildly reminds him that things are different now: "Mayor Barksdale left. You out here on your own, dog." Bodie nods bitterly, and decides to take it out on Lex, telling him that he needs to hear the truth: "That boy Marlo got the world by the ass. And Fruit -- he work for Marlo. So I'm saying, fuck that bitch, and move on. That's just the way it is." Lex acts like he agrees, but they're talking about his baby mama! The mama of his baby, you guys! That is serious.

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