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"Lambs To The Slaughter Here"

Elsewhere, Royce's campaign stop is attended by non-retirees, and the media, and people generally on board with his efforts to develop Baltimore's harbour. And not dredge the canal, probably.

Corner. The call goes out that Pandemic is on offer as Namond reads his magazine. Soon, he's joined by Michael Lee (Tristan Wilds), Duquan "Dukie" Weems (Jermaine Crawford), and Randy Wagstaff (Maestro Harrel), the last of whom greets Namond with his giant grin and pulls a snap. Michael tells Namond that his corner is dead, and asks if Namond can leave to go catch "fresh birds" with them. Namond gives it a shot, jogging over to Bodie and asking if he can leave early to go get some back-to-school stuff. Bodie is initially dismissive, saying that if not for social promotion, Namond would still be in pre-K (oooh, scholastic burn!), but finally relents, telling Lex to pay him for five hours' work. As Namond hurries away before Bodie changes his mind, Bodie bitches at Lex that kids today have no work ethic: "If it wasn't for his pops, I wouldn't even bother." Brice, Brice...where have I heard that name before? Bodie also yells back to Namond to work extra hours the next day because it won't always be so dead: "At least, I hope it ain't." Maybe change the name to a more timely threat: "Iranian Enriched Uranium," perhaps?

As Royce is leaving his campaign stop, Bowers, the developer dude, comes up to ask him to help him out with a median cut on Boston Street, to make his site viable. Giving him a huge-ass grin, Royce promises he'll put his people on it, and somehow this is all it takes to pacify Bowers, who gives him a hand sandwich and takes off. At the car, Royce asks Parker whether something's happening with Bowers's median, and Parker shrugs, "Not once he ponies up." Royce's face falls slightly, and Parker serenely says he thinks Bowers can do better than the $4000 he's already given to Royce's campaign. He asks whether Royce doesn't agree, and Royce firmly says he doesn't even want to know. Ethical problem solved!

Vacant row house. Some random guy is pleading with Partlow for his life, and Partlow assures him that his dispatch will be "quick and clean." The guy, on his knees, lurches forward to vomit on the floor, which turns out to be the last thing he does: Partlow and Snoop have stretched out a shower curtain next to him, and Partlow holds up his handgun (with silencer) and shoots the guy through it, in the head. Once he's fallen, Partlow shoots him a couple more times, just to be sure; Snoop goes for the quicklime, shaking it out over the guy's corpse, which they then cover with the shower curtain. Partlow grabs the lantern, Snoop grabs the milk crate of gear, and off they go, leaving their nameless victim to his roomy-ass crypt.

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