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"Lambs To The Slaughter Here"

The boys have acquired two-litre bottles of pop and some blue party cups, and are having a beverage party. Dukie tells them to drink a lot and think about the water running. Namond can't let pass an opportunity to chaff Dukie for not having running water at his house, but before they can get into it, Donut announces that he's ready. Michael tosses him a funnel with a balloon stretched onto the nozzle, and Donut starts giggling that he can't pee while they're all watching. The guys all respectfully turn their backs, and the first phase of Randy's brilliant plan is set into motion.

Back in the bad neighbourhood, Ms. Simmons is taking Carcetti on a walking tour of the squalor the drug trade has reduced their environs to. She points up an alley strewn with large, unwieldy kinds of trash, saying that the "drug boys" put them there to prevent cops from chasing after them; no matter how many times she calls city agencies to come deal with it, no one ever responds. Carcetti, smiling wanly, says that Royce won't let any of the city agencies answer Carcetti's constituents' calls, but when Ms. Simmons does an awesome move -- putting her hand to her hip, jutting that hip way out, and staring him into shame -- Carcetti quickly says he'll see what he can do. I guess -- no one wants to get bitch-slapped in front of his campaign manager. The tour resumes.

Elsewhere, Michael wanders alone up an alley, keeping his head down and acting deferential as he approaches a couple of Terrace boys. He asks the one sitting on a bike whether he knows someone called "Dese." The bike kid's like, "Dese huh?" Michael: "Dese nuts!" He whales on the two kids just enough to get them down on the ground, and takes off pedaling on the bike. Soon, the Terrace boys have mustered their numbers, and follow Michael exactly where he leads them -- to where his own crew is waiting, each kid armed with a piss balloon. As soon as the first two Terrace boys show their faces, they get pelted with balloons; more rain down from Kenard and Donut, above. The Terrace boys sniff their shirts and realize what's happened, and a little impotent trash talk ensues from both sides. Unfortunately, when Namond goes to hurl another balloon, he gets too excited and ends up popping it all over himself. Randy rolls his eyes bitterly as Namond yelps, "I fucking pissed myself!" Hee. Now, our crew is unnerved, which is all it takes for the Terrace boys to gain the upper hand and use their superior numbers to take down their rivals. Randy manages to find a secure hiding place. Namond stops to catch his breath and sees two kids beating the crap out of Michael, but though he's dancing back and forth trying to intervene and at least even out the fight, there are more kids coming for him, so he has to start running again instead. Action!

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