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"A Lie Ain't A Side Of A Story. It's Just A Lie."

McNulty and Kima are driving on a stretch of highway between Baltimore and Quantico, Virginia that appears to be uncluttered with traffic. Therefore, I can only assume that this scene was filmed on Mars. They are passing the time on the miraculously traffic-free drive by discussing their dicey personal lives -- Kima says she's still too much of a rover to have someone make a honest woman of her, but at least she's reconnecting with her son. "That part of it feels right to me," she says. "Kids are great," McNulty agrees. And you would know how exactly, Jimmy? "What about you and Beadie?" Kima asks. I think they would have to blow past Quantico and keep driving for the Carolina border for McNulty to have enough time to detail all that's going wrong there. "You were quiet there for a time," Kima observes. McNulty looks truly saddened for a moment, and then comments, "Bunk once told me I'm no good for people. Everybody around me, he said." Kima snorts: "Was he drunk?" More than likely, but in vino veritas, you know?

Bunk arrives at the convenience store where Omar met his maker. The locals are already gathering outside, augmenting his legend with tales about how he was gunned down trying to rob the place. Alert viewers will note that, on his way into to the store, Bunk passes a poster advertising Newports. "Pleasure!" the poster declares. Yeah -- right up until the exact moment someone shoots you in the head. Norris and Crutchfield are already crouching over the body by the time Bunk gets inside. "You shoulda let me give him the years, Bunk," Crutchfield snorts. "He'd a been better off." Better off, dead faster -- tomato, tomahto. Anyhow, Norris was the one who called Bunk down, figuring he'd want to take a look seeing as how he and Omar were tight. Bunk thanks him for the courtesy and muses that it was a professional job. You would think, Crutchfield says, but the lady behind the counter identified the shooter as "a short little fella with a big gun." Also, all the hoppers ran into the store afterward and rifled through Omar's belongings looking for souvenirs. The indignities just keep on coming. There is one thing they left, though -- a list Omar was carrying around. And on that list are the names of Marlo and all his lieutenants, plus the corners where they can be found. Savino's name, it should be noted, has been appropriately crossed out. "Back on the hunt, were you?" Bunk mutters at Omar's body.

Speaking of the hunt, Chris and Snoop are driving around, presumably on the lookout for Omar. Guess the local radio stations haven't broken into the programming to report the news. Chris's cell phone rings with a message -- Marlo requests their presence. Now.

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