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"A Lie Ain't A Side Of A Story. It's Just A Lie."

Freamon received that message, too -- only on his end, it's another one of those clocks that appear every time Marlo sends out a message to one of his goons. This one says 6:55 and 34 seconds, and Freamon hopes on the horn with Sydnor to see what's going down with surveillance teams. Not a whole heck of a lot: Sydnor is still assigning each team of two to follow a particular Stanfield operative. All Sydnor wants to find out is the pattern of the meetings -- no need to worry about testifying in court, since this is all supposed to be off-the-books anyhow. Sydnor tells them all they'll get started in the morning. Now let's a hear a "Secret Surveillance Team" on three, okay? 1-2-3 -- Secret Surveillance Team! Okay, hit the showers.

Marlo is already waiting by the time Chris and Snoop arrive, so Chris decides to cut right to the chase and report on the status of the search for Omar -- no sign of him yet, but Chris vows to focus on nothing else until he can cross Omar off the to-do list. Someone already did the cross for you there, champ: "Omar bagged up," an usually ebullient Marlo tells Chris and Snoop. "Shit, I thought y'all was gonna tell me. I just got the word from Monk." Snoop is just the least bit curious as to who got Omar. "Some young boy," Marlo chuckles. "Ain't heard a name, don't even know if there was a why." Sounds like he doesn't care much so long as the deed is done. "Hopper wanna hear a pop, see the damage, ya know?" Marlo concludes. Anyhow, with that out of the way, Marlo's crew can focus on re-supplying their drug stocks. And after that? "You and me got some time in the A.C. coming, don't we?" Marlo asks Chris. Chris nods. By the stunned, possibly let-down expression on his face, it looks like the buffet at the Trump Taj Mahal is about the last thing on his mind.

We're in a conference room in Quantico, where Kima and McNulty are getting a preview of the profile to come from two FBI agents. It turns out the killer is all over the map -- fitting, since his creator usually is, too, especially after a couple of drinks. "Sexual to a point, but inhibited," FBI Guy #1 observes. "Nocturnal on some, diurnal on the others. And the notion of targeting the homeless to begin with...well, we've only seen that a couple of times before, but in those instances, it's been someone within that cohort. And they're not usually carrying cell phones." You know, when you describe it like that, it almost sounds like somebody is making things up as he goes along. Anyhow, we're interrupted mid-profile when a balding fellow comes in and introduces himself as Arthur Toland, deputy director of the profiling unit. He's just popping in to make sure that things are going swimmingly, and to see if the detectives care to fawn over him. "You might recognize the director from television," prompts FBI Guy #1. "He's done all of them." Toland aw-shucks at that, before mentioning that yes, he has appeared with Greta Van Susteren, Nancy Grace (my eyes!), Chris Matthews (my ears!), and "that fella with the big forehead...what's his name?" "Larry King?" Kima asks. Yeah, Larry King.

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