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"This Is Me, Yo, Right Here"

...and head straight to some nicer squat -- or at least a newer one -- where Poot and Wallace have brought Chinese food home for a smaller group of kids than the near-commune we saw before. It almost seems like Wallace may have rounded up a whole new troupe of Lost Boys, because he actually has to ask one of them his name (he's called Buff, 'cause he's "got the stuff"). Poot looks on fondly.

Detail office. Daniels returns to ask if there's been any word on Wallace. Sydnor sadly reports that he was all over Cambridge, where Wallace's grandma lives, showing around Wallace's photo got no hits. McNulty adds that they've mobilized a couple of districts, trying to get an address for Wallace's mother. Santangelo -- out of his guilty purple polo and back into a suit -- stands to shake Daniels's hand, and Daniels goes through the motions of explaining why he's getting turfed out of the detail (adding that they get to keep Sydnor because Cantrell owes Daniels a favour). McNulty asks whether Santangelo's okay with Rawls, and Santangelo shrugs, "I gave him his clearance, right? What's he gonna do to me?" McNulty fails to offer any colourful suggestions, sending him off warmly. He's barely out of the room before Daniels takes off his jacket, the better to do some real police work in. Lester unfolds a set of blueprints. McNulty explains that they're plans for the property next door to Orlando's. With Shardene sitting glumly next to him, Lester says they intend to get a remote mic into the back room at Orlando's: "Maybe even some fiber-optics." McNulty says that they don't know where Avon's office is yet, and Lester velvets, "Which is where Shardene helps us out in a big way." Shardene lets herself smile at his flattery, but Herc now has the stripes not to scruple cock-blocking Lester, and wise-assily asks whether Shardene's going to take in a tape measure and ask Avon to hold the other end. Lester asks if they've been in the military: "How do you learn a thirty-inch quick time?" No one in the room has any fucking clue what he's talking about, including Daniels, and Lester is disgusted: "Draft-dodging peace freaks, huh?" Draft-dodging, sure. Peace freaks...Herc? Lester asks for a ruler and some string. "Why me?" Herc asks defensively. No one answers, and he bitterly trudges off to do it. Guess they aren't magic stripes.

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