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"This Is Me, Yo, Right Here"

Outside Orlando's, Shardene tip-taps up to a parked van...

...where, inside, she goes over the plans with Lester, pointing out where the office is and reporting on all the distances she marked off pacing. Lester points to another set of plans, saying that the third floor of that location is vacant: "Otherwise, we'd need a warrant." Oh, those nasty old things.

Poot, Wallace, and Bodie climb out of a gypsy cab, next to a boarded-up abandoned building.

Orlando's neighbour. Herc starts fucking around with a big drill, and Lester tells him to keep it down, expositing that it's 2:30 AM. Herc goes to work on the wall, Lester reminding him that the hole need only be as big as a finger, though not as big as Herc's own sausage-like digits. Herc pauses in his work long enough to make a dumb joke ("You know what big hands mean"), repeating it when neither Lester nor Daniels acknowledges his stripy ass. McNulty hurries in at this moment, breathlessly reporting that they've found a fresh address for Wallace's mother, and Lester assures Daniels that they'll be okay without him. Daniels grabs his jacket and takes off with McNulty, as Herc continues to drill. To make a joke pitched at Herc's level of humour: he's drilling a lot longer than I would have guessed he could.

Back at Wallace's new squat, Wallace calls out for the kids, as Bodie and Poot grimly follow. None of the kids seems to be there, though, and as Wallace keeps calling for them as though they're hiding on him, Poot lingers downstairs, not wanting any part of what's about to happen. Bodie looks down at him from the top the stairs and silently beckons him with a head-jerk, and after a beat, Poot reluctantly clumps up the stairs himself.

Upstairs, Wallace goes from empty room to empty room, so involved in his patter for the absent kids that he doesn't notice Bodie staring at him with laser focus. After a moment, he finds a Discman that one of the kids had been playing with the day before, and turns to show it to Poot. When he does, Bodie screws up his nerve and pulls his piece out of the waistband of his pants, but he's biting his lip as he slowly points it at his friend. As Wallace starts to cry, shaking his head, Bodie stammers out some tough talk and Poot squints, trying to look hard. "You should've stayed down in the country, man," understates Bodie. "Y'all my niggas, yo!" cries Wallace. "You fucking brought this on yourself, man," murmurs Bodie. "We boys!" yelps Wallace. "We ain't gotta be like this!" Okay, it's sort of ridiculous of me to complain that Bodie's being mean in the moments before murdering his friend, but giving him crap for wetting his pants seems excessive. Anyway, he orders Wallace to be a man, but as Wallace keeps crying, Bodie's hand starts to shake, and it seems to surprise Bodie most of all when he actually squeezes the trigger and shoots Wallace in the chest. Wallace falls backward into the corner of the room, groaning, and as Bodie's hand continues trembling violently, Poot slowly takes the weapon from him and squeezes off two more shots that silence Wallace's whimpers. Bodie takes the gun and books; Poot allows himself one more backward glance before following. I don't know how they arranged for a giant sleepover for all of Wallace's Lost Boys, but I'll just be thankful for the small favour that they weren't there to witness Wallace's execution. Rest in peace, Wallace. You really should have stayed in the country.

At an ill-favoured apartment, McNulty and Daniels meet an ill-favoured woman -- Wallace's mother Darcia -- and tell her they're looking for her son. Through a drunken fog, she says that she's been looking for him too, since he stole $10 from her. "Recently?" asks McNulty. A guy within yells to ask what's going on, and Darcia complains that the cops are bothering her when she's "trying to get [her] drink on." Daniels, talking more quickly than we possibly have ever heard him, says that Wallace may be in some danger, and Darcia says that he will be if he comes by her place, carrying on about her goddamn $10 like it was a family heirloom or something. Not really expecting that it will help, McNulty dutifully gives her his card, and she responds by slamming the door in his face.

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