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"This Is Me, Yo, Right Here"

The next day, Avon lets himself into Orlando's, trailed by a couple of henchmen.

At Orlando's neighbour's, Lester and Prez listen as Avon & Co. climb the stairs; we get a shot of the cops' equipment and see that they did manage fiber-optics; we can see into the back room via a couple of little closed-circuit screens. "He's packing shit up," says Prez, as bitterly as someone who's scared he might be asked to help. Seriously: crappy job. Lester defeatedly drops his head, and then we watch a henchman take a measure of a Cheney-esque man-sized safe. How giant? It looks like, although they somehow managed to get the safe into the room, they might not be able to get it out. I once had a similar experience with a couple of stairway railings and my head. It doesn't seem like it would be physically possible to put something somewhere and then not be able to get it out again, and then before you know it, your ears are bending in ways they just really shouldn't.

What were we talking about? Oh, right: the show. At a pay phone, Poot is telling some girl to call 911. He hands her an address as he orders her to say there's been an animal hurt there, and then hang up. She rolls her eyes, but complies. And by the way, is way out of Poot's league, so I have to assume he's paying her for this service, and for any others she might perform.

Orlando's neighbour's. Prez listens as D'Angelo enters the back room, and Avon tells him to go to "NYC" to "pick up a little something." D'Angelo tries to weasel out of it, saying that he knows everyone's tapped out waiting for the re-up, but that he's never done the New York run before. We change from surveillance footage to the real thing as Avon, still packing shit, says he feels like he doesn't have many people around him that he can trust. D'Angelo nods, looking worried, and asks, "How much is it?" Avon says it'll just be enough to "maintain," so that they can keep "holding them Towers." D'Angelo asks when, and Avon, losing patience, snaps, "Tonight!" Well, okay, what if he had theater tickets? D'Angelo knits his brow, and as they chit-chat about the rental car D'Angelo will be getting for the trip, Lester calls McNulty: "We've got something real." McNulty's on his way. I don't know why D'Angelo's trying to avoid a trip to New York. It's worth it for the pizza alone.

Back at the squat, we see that Bunk has caught Wallace's murder. Getting in close to the body, Bunk recognizes Wallace's face, and curses under his breath. On the wall, Tupac remains beatific.

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