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Orlando's. Avon and Stringer are meeting with Levy, the last assuring Avon that they can "replace product and currency." Stringer agrees, saying that they need to "focus on what's real." Avon impatiently says, "All of this shit is real. All of it! They wanna put me in a box!" Levy calmly tells Avon to take stock of his situation: "Where are you weak? Where do you need to clean up?" He takes out a legal pad, saying that they can start with Orlando, since they can assume he "rolled," and would have talked about the club. Avon contemptuously says that's all Orlando could have talked about, since they kept him away from the drugs. Levy says, in that case, they ditch the club: "You're not on the license, you're not a listed owner. They can't make a connect." Stringer sighs. Avon asks, "When did this shit start up?" Stringer, correctly, says that it was around the time D'Angelo beat his murder charge. He muses that it could have been after Gant's murder was reported in the paper, but that the cops were probably already on the Barksdalies by then. Levy reminds them about Nakeesha Lyles, speculating that she could still change her story and hurt them. Avon is confident that they took care of her, but Levy says that anyone can potentially be put into play: "The less I hear, the better." He takes off, Stringer calling after him to lock the door. Once he's gone, Stringer recaps: "We got Bird and Bey." Avon has no worries about Bird. Stringer says that Bird's already in jail, and that Wee-Bey may go that way before too long himself: "And we got Savino." Avon notes that it's just "an Arm and Hammer charge" (there's some product placement a company can be proud of), and won't do anything stupid to avoid a mere three-year sentence. Stringer agrees, and says that as far as Orlando's concerned, the only problem there was Little Man. "Was," Avon agrees. "Who else?" he asks. No one! At all! RIGHT, EVERYONE?

In his office, Burrell barks at Daniels, "It's over. Your wire's cold." Daniels quietly reminds Burrell, The court orders give me a total of ninety days on five phones." Behind Daniels, Reed chuckles as Daniels concludes, "I'm doing the full ninety." Burrell sneers that if Daniels wants to "sit listening to a bunch of broke-ass pay phones," he's welcome to. Reed thinks this is hilarious too. "But you don't need all that manpower to do it," says Burrell. Daniels says that he can send a couple of bodies back. Burrell, with a shit-eating grin, reminds Daniels, "I gave you those people. I decide who comes back. But feel free to speak your mind, if it were up to you." Daniels tries to turn his gaze into a lethal laser through sheer force of will, but when that doesn't work, he just shrugs. "He asked you a question, Lieutenant," Reed sycophants. Daniels fakes like he has no opinion. "What's the name of that old detective from Pawn Shop?" muses Reed. Daniels's poker face is far superior to McNulty's, and he doesn't break. "And that young one," Burrell piles on, "Valchek's brain-dead son-in-law." Daniels impassively identifies Lester and Prez. "Keep 'em," spits Burrell. Daniels betrays a minuscule smile as Burrell orders Daniels to return Sydnor and Santangelo. Daniels returns his mouth to its downturned and locked position as Burrell delivers his kicker: "If you want to do anything beyond listen to those dead phones, you need to brief me first." Daniels nods deferentially. "You did good, Cedric," smugs Burrell, leaning back. "You play your cards right, all the work you did over the past few months will speak volumes for you." Reed pipes up to say that a Major Spurgeon plans to retire in a few months, and Burrell notes that there will therefore be a vacancy in the Northwest Command. Daniels betrays no emotion either way, though if I were him, I don't know that I'd be as interested as I had been formerly in climbing a ladder if the likes of Burrell and Frazier are at the top of it.

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