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Ronnie has been summoned to meet with her big boss, State's Attorney Steven Demper (Doug Roberts). He asks how she's doing, and she shrugs, "Same shit, different file." He asks about "the Barksdale thing," and she catches him up about the dead wire, and that they're looking into a bug at Orlando's. "Aside from that, you're doing what?" asks Demper. He's totally offhand about it, but Ronnie gets all deer-in-the-headlights as some other guy sits down next to her -- to keep her honest, I guess. Demper: "Pulling campaign finance reports for every politician in the city of Baltimore, right?" Ronnie's like, "The hell?" "And making calls to some contributors," says the unidentified angel at her shoulder. "Asking questions. Doing background checks." Ronnie, looking terrified, says that she doesn't know anything about that. Demper: "I mean, Ronnie, where the fuck is all this going?" Ronnie notes that those are public reports: "No one on that detail has come to me for any kind of subpoena." "You got back-doored too, huh?" says Demper. He hands her a folder, saying that it's just so there's no misunderstanding: "Copies of cheques on the account of my re-election committee, representing the return of five separate contributions totalling $4500. Also, copies of the cheques from the donor are represented in there, too...The only thing that we could come up with were those five cheques. And I don't know those people, and I don't know why they gave. That money's gonna be returned to the donors immediately." Ronnie, horrified, says, "Guys, listen to me. I don't know a fucking thing about anyone looking at campaign contributions." Lurky Mysterioso says that, regardless, the file in Ronnie's hands "should make it clear that [Demper's] hands are clean." Demper's totally mellow as he asks Ronnie to take that back to "whoever's on the hunt" and assure them that "they've got no quarrel with" Demper. Ronnie, trying to hold it together, can barely nod her affirmation. Guys, don't get Ronnie in trouble. She has really pretty hair.

And now D'Angelo has been summoned to meet with his big bosses at the back room at Orlando's. Stringer says that they need D'Angelo to get in touch with the kid who "dimed on Omar's bitch. Can't recall his name." Just say Sterling! We don't know or like him! Or say Poot, he's kind of a dink! To his credit, D'Angelo plays dumb, but Stringer remembers that they paid Wallace. D'Angelo, narrowing his eyes, asks what they need Wallace for. "What's it to you?" spits Avon. "You ain't gotta worry about him," says D'Angelo confidently. "Say what?" murmurs Stringer, behind him. D'Angelo explains, "He's gone -- he's out the game." Yeah, that doesn't really make him any less troublesome. "'Out the game'?" Stringer asks sarcastically, because even he knows that Wallace couldn't make it back to high school. "Yo, the man asked you a simple question," says Avon impatiently. D'Angelo admirably keeps it together as he insists that he doesn't mean any disrespect, but that Wallace really is out of the game: "And even if he wasn't out the game, he wouldn't be no problem." Stringer leans forward, all velvet: "You know we just want to talk to him, Dee." Avon studies his nephew for a long moment, until D'Angelo finally asks, "Avon. Let the boy be." He stands: "Just let him be." Avon looks like he might actually be a tiny bit moved by this simple request as D'Angelo leaves without a word for Stringer.

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