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"They Can Chew You Up, But They Gotta Spit You Out"

In the bullpen, Jay and Cole stare morosely; Bunk knocks on the glass partition outside Lester's cube so that he knows to pop up and find out his fate, too. And here it is: thirteen new red names on the whiteboard -- J. Does 1 through 13 -- under Jay's column. The detectives look duly grim. Damn foreigners ruin everything.

Ziggy's crappy Trans Am pulls up at the curb in front of an even crappier convenience store. Ziggy hops out of the car and jovially greets a parka-clad guy on the corner: "Hey, Mikey!" "No," says White Mike. Heh. Ziggy is hurt: "'No' what?" White Mike: "No fucking way, you little rat-faced piece of shit. You fucked up the last two packages I gave you." Ziggy starts spinning, saying that wasn't him. White Mike patiently tells Ziggy that if he has money, he can "buy a little weight." Conversely: "You got no money, go fuck yourself." He starts to move off, like he's pretty sure of which category Ziggy falls in, but Ziggy whines after him: "I thought we was friends." "Did you fuck up the last two packages?" asks White Mike. Ziggy shrugs: "Sorta?" White Mike: "Are you beat to shit?" "No," says Ziggy pissily. White Mike directs him to "take a walk," and heads into the store. Ziggy stalks off, cursing himself. I really have to give it up for James Ransone and what an amazing thing he accomplishes with this performance: watching him as Ziggy, you're just tense all the time, because you feel sure every second that something really horrendous is just about to happen to him.

Prison. Stringer is admitted into a fenced-in area adjacent to the yard. Rubbing his hands together against the cold, Stringer walks up to the fence and greets Avon, who's on the other side; they somewhat cutely dap through the fence. Keeping an eye on the nearby screws, they talk quietly, Stringer telling Avon, "That thing in Atlanta -- settled for now." Avon says that's not why he called Stringer down; this is about Tilghman. Stringer's like, "Got it," and puts Tilghman on his mental To-Kill list. Avon adds that Brianna reminded him of something: "We got promises we got to keep." Stringer says he heard. Avon glances around again, and then tells Stringer to get in touch with Donette, and have her start bringing D'Angelo's son in on a regular basis: "She need to step up and do her fucking part." Stringer agrees, and then asks, "How's Dee taking it?" Avon evasively says, "He gonna do what need to be done, man," to distract from having to admit that he actually doesn't know because he hasn't seen D'Angelo: "Dee need a little help every now and again," he adds -- referring, I guess, to how D'Angelo needs to be reminded of where his loyalties should lie (which is, I guess, not with the taxpayers of Baltimore). "You're not out of reach or nothing like that, right?" asks Stringer pointedly. Avon says he isn't. Stringer: "You sure? He's carrying a lot of weight for us, man." "He's family, man," Avon replies. Stringer nods, but still doesn't quite look satisfied. You can't put a thing past that dude.

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