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"They Can Chew You Up, But They Gotta Spit You Out"

"They can chew you up, but they gotta spit you out." -- McNulty. He probably tastes like really tough old mutton simmered in whiskey.

After the credits, we get a shot of that real old dude, reading a Greek newspaper at Little Johnny's. People sure read the paper a lot this season. How retro.

Outside, a truck pulls into the parking lot.

Inside, the old dude takes a puff on his cigarette and heads out the back way. Spiros and Sergei look up, curious.

Outside, Frank and Nick make their way toward Little Johnny's front door, Nick telling Frank, "You don't have to do this." "No?" asks Frank. Nick claims that anything Frank intends to say, Nick has already told Spiros. Frank: "You called him a Greek asshole?" Yes, one positively crusted in feta.

Inside, Nick stands by impotently as Frank has it out with Spiros, who rhetorically asks, "You think we wanted this?" "I don't know what the fuck you people want and don't want," snaps Frank. "All I know is, I got a can full of young girls suffocating to death on my docks." Spiros, possibly getting a bit nervous, murmurs, "This was a mistake." "A mistake?" hisses Frank. "They fucking died in that can, while this stupid son of a bitch [indicating Sergei] sat there with his dick in his hands." Wow, people have their dicks in their hands this season almost as much as they read the paper. "You know nothing," Sergei defends himself. Spiros discourages further discussion between Frank and Sergei, interrupting to say he and his organization are just as upset as Frank is. Sergei's instructions were to wait for their "friend" to come off the boat and let them know everything was okay: "You know, no Customs." Sergei says that the guy didn't come off the boat. Frank angrily asks why not. Spiros says that they're trying to find out; they don't know. Frank starts to lose it over the fact that, because of a missed message, girls died: "On my docks, this happened!" Nick leans in, his head behind Frank's, as Spiros reiterates how upset everyone is. "Uncle Frank, they're saying it wasn't on purpose," whispers Nick urgently. Frank takes a moment to collect himself, and then tells Spiros, "You could've told me there were girls in that fucking can. You could've told me, so I didn't just shove 'em back in the stacks like I did, right? Why the fuck didn't you tell me what was in that motherfucking can?" Spiros, seeing how Frank is backing down, leans back, sniffing, "Now you want to know what's in the cans? Before, you wanted to know nothing. Now, you ask. Guns, okay? Drugs. Whores. Vodka. BMWs. Beluga caviar. Or bombs, maybe. Bad terrorists with big nuclear bombs." Sergei mimes a little explosion between his hands, complete with sound effects. Frank starts chewing his thumbnail at the possibilities Spiros has just outlined, but Spiros blithely assures him, "I am kidding you, Frank. It's a joke. But you don't ask because you don't want to know." Frank briefly raises his eyebrows, but lamely concludes, "Tell The Greek that next time he's got something breathing in one of them cans, I need to know it." He gets up and stalks out, slamming the door; once he's gone, Nick placates, "Give him a couple of days, you know?" After a moment, he leaves too, whereupon the old guy comes back in to watch the Poles leave and converse with Spiros in Greek. It's not subtitled, so I'll just guess. Old Guy: "That was a nice coat Frank had on." Spiros: "Do you think it was from Barneys?"

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