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"They Can Chew You Up, But They Gotta Spit You Out"

Daniels and Marla walk down a cold, COLD-looking street, of an evening. They've apparently just eaten dinner -- or so I surmise, since the first thing Marla says is "You ordered more than you ate." Daniels is silent. Marla comments on the cold, which Daniels plainly cannot dispute. But apparently this isn't just silence but The Silent Treatment, and Marla finally stops them walking to say, "I shouldn't have brought it up again. I'm sorry." Daniels gives her such a look of searing hatred that I swear I don't know how Marla doesn't actually just burst into flames. Daniels sort of unclenches, strokes Marla's upper arms in a gesture of conciliation, and tells her, "You're right. You're always right." Marla can't just drop it, though, and sighs, "I'm just saying you have to be realistic. You did what you did, and now you are where you are." "In the basement," says Daniels, smiling ruefully. They resume their walk (probably because it's too cold for either of them to really get a good fight on standing still), and Marla snickers, "If they buried you any deeper, you'd be under the damn building." Daniels philosophically says that Burrell won't be there forever. Marla, though, knows what time it is, and (ill-advisedly) stops Daniels again to say, "Burrell is going to be the next police commissioner, and you know it. But you've got the law degree. With your police experience, half a dozen firms would think you're a prize." She touches his cheek: "You have options. Just because they don't--" "You're right," says Daniels, nodding exhaustedly. He takes her elbow: "I'll put in my papers." He puts his arm around her and they start walking again, Marla staring up at Daniels like she can't believe this just happened. I still suspect that Daniels is considering all his options. And that one of them could be getting rid of Marla McNags.

Clement St. Café. Johnny Fifty enters with a dozen eggs, asking the guys sitting at the bar who wants breakfast. Each guy cracks an egg in his beer, as all gossip about port doings. Soon enough, Ziggy enters, grinning like a fool. Someone asks him whether he's working today, and as he claps a hand on Nick's and Horseface's shoulders, he says he just wanted to come and have breakfast with all of these "dupa-faced fucks." Everyone chuckles, because Ziggy is their cute little mascot, and Nick tells Dolores, the barmaid, to set Ziggy up. Taking his glass, he yips, "Bottoms up, you ugly whores!" He drops in his egg, and everyone chugs their awful concoctions. Like men! Who are going to have just horrible breath all day. Anyway, Ziggy taps Nick on the shoulder to take him aside and tell him, "I got a line on something." Nick is intrigued. Ziggy elaborates: "You know White Mike from down Curtis Bay?" Nick does. Ziggy says, "He's gonna stake me to a package." Nick doesn't know what that means, because he didn't watch the first season of the show, and Ziggy laughs indulgently, because Nick's not all street-smart like he is: "Dope, Nicky. Dope." Nick loses interest (on principle, I guess), and tells Ziggy judgmentally that he has work today. Ziggy presses, "I'm gonna make as much money not working. You see what I'm saying?" Nick asks why Ziggy's come to him, then, and Ziggy says that he wants Nick to come in on it with him: "You bring in a little cash as money down, my man might give us a bigger package. We turn it around, we both get paid." A guy (La La?) walks through the bar, saying that the ship's in, and Nick says that he has to get to work. "Fuck that shit, Zig," says Nick emphatically. Ziggy whines in protest, but Nick's already on his way out. Ziggy desperately calls after him to ask if he'll think about it, but Nick promises nothing, and Ziggy has to ask for another shot.

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