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"We Got Our Thing, But It's Just Part Of The Big Thing"

Western District. Rhonda lets herself into Daniels's office and overhears him on the phone, telling someone he'd prefer it if that person "cleared it with the chain of command." Rhonda makes a hilarious "yeesh" face as she sits down and waits for Daniels to finish the call, whereupon he comes over and joins her on the couch. "Problem with the bosses?" she asks. "One in particular," Daniels tells her, explaining that it was Carcetti on the phone. At first, Rhonda still seems to think it's bad news, but then Daniels tells her that Carcetti wants to meet to talk about the police department -- "what works, what doesn't." "You have the mayor's ear now!" breathes Rhonda, grinning. "Look at you!" Dude, look at you both -- you're like Baltimore's Bill and Hillary! Only more attractive and less annoying. Daniels is angsty, though, asking how honest he should be: "It's one thing for me to talk tactical shit or enforcement strategies, but the shit that actually goes on? I start talking about that, I don't know if I can stop." Rhonda reassuringly tells him, "This is a career!" Daniels cautiously asks what happens if he shit-talks Rawls and Burrell and Carcetti decides not to ditch them. Rhonda points out that the new mayor has called him for his take on things, so he can't worry about being impolitic. Daniels says that he doesn't know Carcetti, but Rhonda, kneeling in front of Daniels, says that if Carcetti is calling him, it must mean that Rawls and Burrell are "on the ropes." "Maybe," says Daniels, the barest hint of a smile returning to his face. Rhonda says she knows there's a risk, but that if it were her, she'd "fire away -- both barrels!" They kiss. They're cute.

Bad neightbourhood. A guy's slinging when Partlow comes up with some local-scene music trivia. The guy does not answer correctly, but instead of moving on to the next prospect to join his pub-quiz team, Partlow shoots him in the head. Is this what's going to happen to me someday if I continue skipping music coverage in Entertainment Weekly? I'm sorry, but I just don't care about Blake Lewis and Mary J. Blige!

Lee house. Bug's still at the kitchen table when Michael comes home from the gym, asking where their mother is. Bug says she's upstairs, and when Michael starts heading toward the living room, Bug excitedly tells him, "My daddy came home!" Michael soon sees what Bug is talking about when Mrs. Lee comes down the stairs, followed by Bug's shirtless father (Cyrus Farmer). He never gets a name, so let's just call him Bill Maplewood. Why? Well, it soon becomes clear why Michael got kind of squirrelly when he was alone with Cutty: when Maplewood comes toward him, Michael studiously looks away, flinching just slightly as Maplewood strokes his cheek and tells him how much he's grown. Maplewood moves off, and Michael glares accusingly at his mother, who looks back half in defiance, half in shame.

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