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"We Got Our Thing, But It's Just Part Of The Big Thing"

Nice coffee shop. Carcetti and Daniels are having a casual lunch date, no big deal. Carcetti says that he heard what Daniels said at COMSTAT the other day and FELL IN LOVE. Except he says the last part in his head. He adds that he went on a ride-along in the Eastern the other day and watched a bunch of undercover rips, and asks Daniels what he's thinking. That's really more of a third-date question, isn't it? Daniels, looking at Carcetti under his brows, says that he assumes Carcetti witnessed a waste of "time, money, energy, and in some cases talent." Carcetti says that Rawls blamed it all on Burrell and his numbers game, but that if Carcetti were to put Rawls in charge, there would be a return to high-end police work. Daniels, his face betraying nothing, says, "Rawls said that." Carcetti says he did, and that he claimed to have been following orders like a good soldier: "What do you say?" Daniels tells him that he's prepared to talk about what happens on the street, or in his command at the Western, all day long. But he's a good soldier too, and he doesn't go up the chain of command with his opinions. Carcetti says he respects that, AND WILL RESPECT HIM IN THE MORNING, TOO. Daniels allows that they did have a great unit, Major Crimes, doing awesome high-end work. Carcetti notes the "did," and asks what wrecked it. Daniels smiles: "Good question, Mr. Mayor." Carcetti says that Foerster's passing leaves an opening for CID commander, and asks whether Daniels would be interested in being a colonel, working under Rawls. Daniels kind of huffs a little: "Under Rawls?" "He is Deputy Ops, is he not?" asks Carcetti. Daniels lays it on the line: "Is the mayor going to make the changes or just leave it to the good soldier?" Carcetti cocks his head, trying to look winningly coy, and Daniels says, "What I'm really asking is, how for-real are you?" Carcetti smiles that they're going to have to find that out together: "Aren't we, Colonel Daniels?" He sticks out his hand, and after leaving him hanging for a moment, Daniels takes it, and the deal is done. Carcetti is going to write such an awesome diary entry tonight, you guys!

Detail office. Dozerman and Herc are drooping around, Herc asking what they're going to do. Instead of being like, "Um, it's your problem to solve, bitch," Dozerman just sighs that Marlo and his guys "don't scare." He says that maybe he, Sydnor, and Herc could all chip in for a used camera, but Herc says he already thought of that (of course he did -- and I'll bet his "third" would have been the smallest, too), but that the serial numbers wouldn't match. No, he decides, their only hope is to get a real charge on Marlo. Suddenly, inspiration strikes: Herc remembers that although Randy doesn't claim to have seen the murder, he did say that Little Kevin was the one who told him Lex had been killed; maybe Little Kevin was their eyewitness. Off they go, trying to put a scare in a guy who could kill them both at once just by sitting on them.

Brice manse. At the dining-room table, De'londa is counting out cash (a lot of which looks counterfeit to me, not that anyone asked). She's only got $420, and asks Namond where the rest is. Namond says that he's on a "hard strip" out on Lafayette, and has to build it up. De'londa turns on him, telling him he doesn't have to "build up shit." She appeals again to Wee-Bey's awesome legacy, saying that "they" owe Namond, because they owe Wee-Bey, even though I'm pretty sure she knows that Bodie isn't part of any huge organization anymore since Brianna told her so. "Bodie got a real short memory when it come to giving props," spits De'londa. She grabs her keys (from where they were sitting, next to her scotch) and makes for the door. Namond begs her not to go, but she tells him she's going to go straighten this shit out. Namond calls after her to let him build, but she probably saw him with Legos back in the day and knows he isn't capable of it.

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