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"We Got Our Thing, But It's Just Part Of The Big Thing"

Rawls is flicking through files in his office when there's a knock at the door and Burrell comes in. Burrell smiles ingratiatingly as he settles down in front of Rawls's desk, saying that they need to regroup and come up with "something fresh for the new administration." He starts to say he doesn't like the way Carcetti's been running around the department, but Rawls cuts him off to say that Carcetti has spoken with him many times. Burrell realizes what this means: "You're making your move, huh." Rawls doesn't bother to deny it. Burrell stands, smiling sadly as he tells Rawls that they were a good team. "We were," says Rawls pointedly. Burrell's face falls for about twenty minutes, and then he slinks out, on his way to oblivion.

MLK Recreation Center. Michael goes in, looking for Bug, but Miss Ella says that the guy who came to get him said he was Bug's father, which Bug corroborated. "SHIT," says Michael, taking off to stop his worst nightmare from coming true.

Jay's eating sushi in his office (, really, he is! And not sushi from Arby's, either!) when Holley comes in and hands him a file. Holley waits, attended by Bunk, as Jay reads the bad news that they've reopened the delivery woman's case. He bitches at Bunk for putting ideas in Holley's head, and Holley for letting him. Bunk starts to defend himself, but Jay cuts him off, ordering Holley to stand up for himself, and reminding both that their job is to change cases from red to black, not the opposite. Jay has nothing else to say, because he knows they're both right even though it pisses him off, but Bunk still grabs Holley to get out of there before Jay starts throwing wasabi.

Lee house. Bug is working on his homework with Maplewood, who's put a shirt on since we saw him last, when Michael comes in the back door and orders Bug to come over to him. Maplewood looks all put-upon as he trudges up the stairs, but it's easy to hate a man who obviously molested Michael, and even easier when we see he's paired a brown tank top with black stonewashed jeans.

Partlow and Snoop throw their guns in a pond and return to their truck. Before they get in, though, Partlow tells Snoop to hold on; he reluctantly grabs the nail gun from the back and throws that away too, Snoop shaking her head like he's just drowned a litter of puppies on her. She tells him he owes her $800. I think he's probably got it.

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