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"We Got Our Thing, But It's Just Part Of The Big Thing"

Someplace, Dozerman and Herc pull over a black SUV; Marlo's in the shotgun seat, with some underling driving. While Dozerman deals with him, Herc skips the pretense and tells Marlo that he needs to give him his camera back. Marlo asks whether Herc has a card, and when Herc hands him one, Marlo snorts, "City, huh?" He says that he'll see what he can do for Herc: "But you know cameras. They're like pigeons in a storm...Sometimes they come back; sometimes...." He shrugs, and adds that he'll "keep an ear out on it." He drives off, cool as the other side of the pillow. Once he's gone, Herc is like, "Did he just say 'pigeons'?" Dozerman impatiently says that Marlo's just fucking with him, and that he needs to tell Marimow the truth. Herc bitches that he already attributed his intel to Fuzzy Dunlop, which...I don't recall Carver telling him to do. This is what happens when Herc tries to go off-script. He adds that if he tells Marimow the truth, Marimow will take his GODDAMN STRIPES. A fate worse than...competence!

Randy walks down the street with Bug and Michael, the latter saying that Randy wasn't suspended that long; he gingerly tries to ask whether Randy did something for Donnelly to get back to school so quickly, but Randy says that Tiff dropped her claim, so that was the end of it. Michael confidentially says that teachers and cops always act like "they got you by the ass," but that if you just keep your mouth shut, they can't touch you, and just go away. "Word on that," says Bug. Hee! Michael chuckles as Randy says it doesn't matter, because Miss Anna has him on a short leash right now. "Shit, at least you got a leash," says Michael. Bug doesn't offer another "word," but he's probably thinking it.

Kavanaugh's. A whole barful of cops (and some ASAs) are singing along with The Pogues around Foerster's corpse. Which is there. In the bar. Weird, and probably a health-code violation. Anyway, Bunk starts trying to go up the stairs to the bathroom, but the way is blocked, so he has to run outside and puke on the curb. He gets spray on his lapel, but still manages to look somewhat suave as he waves to the funeral attendants smoking by Foerster's hearse. Bunk staggers back inside and finds McNulty, nursing a club soda. There's some half-assed bitching about McNulty's sobriety, and some good-natured pointing-out of lapel vomit, and then McNulty gives Bunk a shot and the song winds up, and booze smooths over all the awkwardness.

Vacant. Snoop and Partlow finish up with a couple of bodies. Snoop takes one guy's hat, commenting that it's "almost new," but Partlow warns her not to wear a dead man's hat. Snoop says she's just kidding, and offers a sarcastic prayer over the bodies for the New York boys who came too far south for their own good. Uh. Amen?

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