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"We Got Our Thing, But It's Just Part Of The Big Thing"

Outside the store, Bunk swigs from the Mylanta as he tells Holley, "His whole story is fucked, and here's why." Heh. It's not a speech Holley's going to like, but he listens as Bunk lays it out. First: Andre should be dead. If the shooting had gone down as Andre claims, he wouldn't be alive to tell about it. Second: the store is a drug depot, which Bunk can tell from all the cameras, the bulletproof glass and steel door, and the low inventory. Third, Andre's lying about who shot the hole in his glass: "If he were to say, 'Oh, that? That's Omar's previous, ripping off a re-up in here' -- which is what happened -- he'd be fucked....A guy comes in the first time with a .50-calibre because he knows the glass is thick, then comes back the next week with a 9?" Holley, so annoyed to have to concede that Bunk was right, sighs deeply as Bunk tells him, "The job isn't about picking the stories we like best." "Motherfucker," says Holley. "Now you're going to lecture me about what the job is?" Bunk's like, "...Yeah, maybe that was a bit much." They head back downtown, Bunk thinking about how else he can hold this over Holley.

Carcetti watches as a couple of Eastern detectives railroad a kid for three pills, telling him it's now felony weight. They keep leaning on him to reveal where the stash is, but the kid insists that he's not selling with three pills, for God's sake, and that the pills are his: "Look at me, I'm high right now!" So the cops arrest him, the lieutenant smugly telling Carcetti, "That's two." Carcetti's like, "Two what?!"

After school, Randy, Namond, and Michael (with Bug) compare notes on their days. Learning that Prez has started teaching fractions, Namond brags that in his new class, they talked about slinging: "My new class is the shit!" And without dice, even. Michael asks whether Namond will be at the gym later, but Namond says he has to "vial up" the rest of his package. Michael and Bug go one way, Namond and Randy another. And Randy had better not have any cute ideas about what he's doing that night or Miss Anna will have to break his ass in half for him.

Prez's classroom. Dukie's stayed after school and is messing around on the computer when Prez comes around, sadly telling him he has to leave soon. He looks at the game Dukie's playing and asks what level he's on. Dukie tells him he's on Level 12, and Prez sighs that he never got past 10. Dukie asks if Prez wants to see him get to Level 40, and activates a code that jumps him straight there. "That's cheating," says Prez wanly. "Want me to show you how?" asks Dukie. Prez nods. Heh. Going along with it silently makes it okay, I guess. Dukie grins, happy to have something he can give Prez for a change.

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