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"Ain't Never Gonna Be What It Was"

Stringer, looking quite dapper in his smart black wool coat, waits for a train. And then the train pulls up. What'll happen next?!

Nick and Ziggy enter Little Johnny's, a dank diner. Nick is warmly greeted by Spiros "Vondas" Vondopoulos (Paul Ben-Victor), and introduces Ziggy as his uncle's kid. Spiros is like, "Frankie?" Nick tries to minimize the import of Ziggy's presence, saying that his own car broke down, so Ziggy drove. Throughout, some old bespectacled dude, sitting at the counter in the foreground, monitors everyone's interactions; I recognize him as having played a pedophile priest -- way before that whole story broke wide open in the press -- on Law & Order. He molested Mike Logan! Anyway, Spiros takes in Nick's explanation with a nod, but keeps his guard up. Ziggy, of course, can't read the room and leans in, all garrulous, putting out his hand to shake and drawling, "You must be the Greek." Spiros, squinting suspiciously, shakes Ziggy's hand, shrugging to Nick, "Well, I'm Greek, anyway." Nick and Spiros take their seats in a booth -- conspicuously full, without room for Ziggy -- but Ziggy pays no mind, charging forward and yipping at the guy next to Spiros, "Boris Badenov! I know you from around the way, right?" Sergei "Serge" Malatov (Chris Ashworth) doesn't get the reference, complaining that everyone calls him "Boris" all the time. Nick shrugs that Sergei is Russian, after all, but Sergei corrects him that he's Ukrainian. "It's the same difference, though," says Ziggy, but Sergei gravely tells Ziggy he's wrong. Nick, smiling, asks if Sergei doesn't like being called "Boris." "'Sergei,'" says Sergei emphatically. Ziggy, however, can't drop it, of course, and keeps trying to jolly him along, saying that "Boris" is way better because it's like the cartoon. Sergei, of course, didn't get to see Moose and Squirrel when he was growing up behind the iron curtain, and remains unimpressed. Spiros tries to change the subject by offering Nick some coffee or pie. Nick turns him down, apparently in the interest of moving things along, but Ziggy's like, "What kind of pie you got?" Nick is basically like, "Son, you're not part of this conversation. Let the grownups talk."

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