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"Ain't Never Gonna Be What It Was"

Ziggy, finally understanding that he's been shut out of the circle, sits down next to the old guy, and as we see Ziggy in the foreground, we hear the guys talking about him -- that he's Frank's kid, and that he's in the union, but that because he's "L-series," he isn't getting a lot of work. Spiros stares at his back, contemplating future use he might have of Ziggy, and then returns to Nick: "Same deal, same rate." Nick asks who's driving, and Spiros motions to Sergei with his head. "Again?" says Nick, a bit peevishly. "You want to mix it up a little more. Make it so Customs doesn't put no names to faces." "When you trust a man, you stay with him," counters Spiros. Nick stares back, nods, and says, "Boris it is." He gets up to collect Ziggy, who decides this is the right time to ask about the open-face turkey. Nick grabs him by the arm to hustle him out, Ziggy calling back over his shoulder that he'll see Spiros & Co. later. Nick manages not to say he would rather lose a nut than have Ziggy up in his business like this again. Once they've gone, Sergei quizzically asks, "Bullwinkle?" Spiros has an explanation ready: "Polacks."

Outside, Ziggy gets salty with Nick, complaining, "You fucking embarrassed me in there, man!" Nick hangs back as Ziggy stalks around his car to the driver's seat, but eventually replies, "You embarrassed yourself, Zig." Let's just say neither of you covered himself in glory and leave it at that.

Down in the trailer, Frank reads the paper and smokes. The camera pans over to show that Ott and Horseface are doing the same. I'm sure staying informed about the events of the day is legitimately in their job descriptions. When the camera gets back to Frank, he's putting down his section (and Brenda Lee's "I'm Sorry" is starting up on the radio) and asking whether anyone's seen Nick. Ott says he doesn't think Nick got any hours. No legal hours, anyway.

Outside, Officer Beatrice "Beadie" Russell (Amy Ryan) steers her cruiser between stacks of containers, headphones on her ears. Anyway, Beadie turns down an aisle and comes around to stop near the trailer, from which Frank and Horseface seem to have just emerged. She rolls down her window to greet Frank, who fondly replies, "Hey, darling." "Just so I can finish my paperwork early, what exactly are your people gonna steal today?" cracks Beadie. Frank grins, walking over to the car: "I don't know. Couple luxury sedans, some colour TVs, widescreen. Maybe a couple cans of vodka, maybe a whole container ship." Beadie smirks and puts her headphones back on, telling him, "Y'all have a good one." Frank grins as she takes off. Horseface stumps over, snapping at Frank that he would let Beadie "fuck with" him like that, but Frank waves him off: "She's all right. I like her."

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