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"Ain't Never Gonna Be What It Was"

As Beadie's cruiser pulls away, Ziggy's comes screaming around the corner, "My Sharona" blaring out the open windows, of course. If it hadn't been that, it would have to be "Taking Care Of Business." Or possibly "Magic Carpet Ride." Ziggy parks between a couple of cars, and Nick gets out and makes straight for Frank, handing him a slip of paper out of his pocket: "I checked the computer. It's Bay 9, Cell 11. It's right on the bottom." Frank hands it to Horseface as Nick asks him, "You're working the Light, ain't you?" He is. As Horseface trudges off, Frank asks Nick, "Did they say anything else?" "No," says Nick. "Just that it's the same money to us." By this time, Ziggy's wandered over, but, his business with Frank having concluded, Nick ushers Ziggy away, presumably to go whip his dick out somewhere else.

Homicide. McNulty, in his heartbreaking turtleneck under his uniform, enters and greets Winona, the African-American office assistant with the rad blonde updo whose name I never knew until just this second. She seems very glad to see him, and even watches him as he walks by; it's hard to say for sure because of the glare off her eyeglass lenses, but I suspect that she might be checking out his ass, and who could blame her. Especially since the prospects for ass-checking now left to her in the office include...Jay, who's sitting in Cole's cube eating Fiddle Faddle when McNulty finds him. At the sight of him, Jay immediately starts cracking up at "Sailor Boy," and telling him he owes Jay $10. "Fuck you," says McNulty. "You told Rawls where I didn't wanna go. You made it happen, Jay." "I told him where you didn't want to go -- exactly!" says Jay. "Yeah, and they sent me there," says McNulty. Jay defends himself: "I knew Rawls was pissed. I didn't know how pissed. What can I tell you?" McNulty smiles ruefully and changes the subject by asking after Bunk, who's out on a call. McNulty, trying to sound casual, asks Cole, "What's up with our girl? She come off the bridge or what?" Cole reports that Frazier, the ME, found blunt-force trauma to the victim's head and chest, and that she was dead before she hit the water. McNulty asks about her defense wounds. Cole looks up blankly as McNulty explains: "Bruising on three fingers? We saw that as soon as we picked her up." "You missed the defense wounds?" Jay asks Cole. "I wasn't looking!" yelps Cole, saying he thought she'd jumped off the bridge. "Also, she's in the drink with no coat or shoes on," says McNulty loudly, making sure to involve Jay. He says that those could have come off her while she was in the water, or maybe not: "I don't see her making her way out to the Key Bridge in winter dressed like she was. But then, that's just me." His work done, McNulty makes to leave, telling the guys to let Bunk know he was there. Cole watches him leave, the small smile playing on his lips clearly communicating his belief that McNulty's mother was of the very loosest morals. "Have fun," says McNulty. Jay smugly replies that they already had their fun, dumping the victim on Baltimore County. McNulty returns, incredulous. Jay explains that since they found the victim east of the bridge, she was in Baltimore County, which makes her the County's problem to solve. "You sold them on that?" marvels McNulty. Jay cackles that Rawls did: "He called up the colonel, said, 'You got one hell of a murder on your hands.'" McNulty smiles despite himself, and goes to leave again, Jay calling after him, "It's all about self-preservation, Jimmy. Something you never learned." McNulty smiles back the smile of the self-righteous and never compromised, as he is so often wont to do.

Port of Baltimore. Containers are being unloaded from the Atlantic Light, as Frank looks on nervously. A can is dropped onto a truck bed. Across the lot, Sergei loiters next to his own truck, smoking and trying to look inconspicuous. After a moment, a guy gets into the truck and pulls away, leaving the container behind. Horseface stalks up to the trailer, telling Frank, "It's there whenever they want it." Waiting for his moment, Sergei talks on the phone. Or pretends to. Or gets his horoscope.

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