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"Ain't Never Gonna Be What It Was"

On a highway, we see a white van, being driven by Sean "Shamrock" McGinty (Richard Burton -- not that one). In the passenger seat, Bodie complains that the radio isn't working well, and Shamrock agrees, "We're losing it. We're losing the station, man." Bodie doesn't understand what he's saying, and Shamrock explains that they're too far from Baltimore: "Try a Philly station or some shit like that." "The radio in Philly is different?" asks Bodie, completely confused. Shamrock speaks for us all: "Nigga, you gotta be fucking with me, right? You ain't never heard a radio station outside of Baltimore?" Bodie impatiently says that he's never even been outside of Baltimore, "except that Boy's [sic] Village shit one day." His opportunities to listen to the radio on that occasion were limited, unfortunately. It's such an interesting character detail to highlight; we know Bodie isn't stupid, or "sheltered" in the way we would think of, like, a kid who'd been homeschooled going away to Harvard or something. It's just weird to think that a kid who'd actually killed someone not that long ago could be described as unworldly. Anyway, Shamrock flicks around a few stations until Bodie begs him to stop...and what they happen to stop on is A Prairie Home Companion. Hee. Garrison Keillor is talking about how it's been great weather for tomatoes, and Bodie asks, "This a Philly station?" Shamrock has no idea. Bodie comments, "Why would anybody want to leave Baltimore? That's what I'm asking." Well, if all I knew of the rest of the world was A Prairie Home Companion, I might ask that myself -- never mind that all the children are pink-cheeked and robust. Bodie tells Shamrock to take the next exit...

...and from a vehicle behind them, we see the white van jump across a couple of lanes, barely making it off the highway and onto Broad Street in Philadelphia. We see the van park near a garage, and a guy on the street in a hoodie casually watching. In the black SUV that's been following, and now has stopped about a half-block behind the van, the passenger comments to the driver, "So far, they on it." The driver cheerfully agrees.

Next, we see Bodie jogging through the garage, up to a vehicle he unlocks with a keychain remote. He gets into the car, gets a notepad out of the glove box, and writes down the mileage: 4243. He tosses the pad back where he got it and squeals out of the garage. Let me just say, if he somehow does have his license, he did not get it after studying with Young Drivers of Canada.

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