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"Maybe We Won"

The camera cuts to the cause of all the commotion: a basketball game. The player Stringer and Avon scouted at the start of the episode gets a basket; we see his shirt is emblazoned "BEST OF THE WEST," and Carver confirms with a spectator that the game is "West against East." "...Baltimore?" squints Carver. "The Projects, man," says the spectator. "Bragging rights to the Projects." Carver still can't believe it: "The Projects got a ball team?" Herc shrugs. Dude, you should see them tear it up at the Ballroom competition!

Detail. Lester, looking grave, joins Shardene and Kima in Daniels's office, closing the door after him. Shardene sits stiffly as Kima asks her how long she's been working at Orlando's. "Four, five months," she replies. Asked whether she likes it, she tersely says that it pays the rent. "You must see a lot there, I imagine," says Kima. Shardene disingenuously asks what she means, and Lester shrugs, "There's a lot of players there. A lot of game being played." Shardene says she doesn't know about that: "I just work for tips...You know, I'm just a b-girl. I don't mess with nothing beyond that. Some of the girls in there, they're into drugs and whatnot. And some of them turn tricks in the rooms upstairs, but I mostly just stay at the bar." Kima glances at Lester, who takes up the thread: "It's a rare thing when we ask somebody to come on downtown with us and we don't have a charge on them, we don't tell them what we're gonna talk about, and they come along without complaining. That hardly ever happens." "Rarely, if ever," Kima agrees. "I figure you got your reasons," says Shardene quietly. And Kima tells her she's right, pretty much: "The crew that runs Orlando's -- they've dropped about a dozen bodies over the last year, and they're running the drugs in every housing project west of the Martin Luther King." Shardene shrugs that she doesn't know anything about it. "But now you do know, right?" says Lester. "Because we're telling you." Shardene fidgets, and Kima asks whether she knows a girl named Keisha Michaels. Shardene says that Keisha dances with her. "How's she doing?" asks Lester. "All right, I guess," says Shardene. Kima shoots Lester another look, and Lester politely asks Shardene to excuse them. Shardene even gets up out of her chair when the cops leave -- she's as well-mannered as a man in a movie from the '40s!

Outside, Kima asks what Lester thinks. "I think she's a sweetheart," says Lester. Ohhhhhhh! Lester's got a girlfriend. "I think if we push her hard, she'll tumble," he adds. "You want to show her the pictures?" "I want to do better than that," says Kima. Re-enactment?

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