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"Maybe We Won"

After the game, the crowd breaks up; it looks like a good time's been had by all. I'm not sure what the point of that shot might have been, except to show that, for all the damage the crews have done to the community, they also occasionally put on a nice show -- and for free! Well, free for the spectators.

Detail office. Lester has returned with Shardene, who's still crying, and who's apparently just told Lester about her relationship with D'Angelo. "You know him?" she asks, and Lester says it feels like he does. Shardene picks up another piece of dollhouse furniture as she sniffles that they've "sort of moved in together." Lester nods, and Shardene says that D'Angelo seemed like he was different, and that she has to quit the club. Lester agrees that she does: "But not just yet. We need your help. Which is why we came to you." Shardene, wilting, starts to say they don't know what else the cops want from her, but Lester cuts her off: "Keisha was not the first. Unless somebody steps up a little bit, she's not going to be the last, neither." Shardene studies the latest dollhouse piece in her hands as Lester's explanation sinks in. "You like that one?" asks Lester kindly. "Why don't you keep it?" He tilts his head down, smiling, and tries to see into her face. She eventually looks back at Lester, smiling back as she sits up, and whispers, "Thank you." The camera cuts in close to show us that she's caressing a cradle with a tiny baby doll nestled under a tiny checked blanket. It's an affecting moment, making us realize that we really do like Shardene and want her to have her own dollhouse, someday, and her own kids to play with this cradle that's probably worth a couple hundred dollars.

Lord, this is complicated. Okay. From his truck, Daniels watches Avon leave the game, and radios that he's getting into a black Ford Excursion. Herc copies, and Daniels reports that Avon's pulling out, and which way he's going. Daniels pulls out a moment later and follows. As we see Avon coming from the vantage point of Sydnor's car, Daniels radios that the two of them can follow Avon's path along north and south parallel streets. Sydnor reports Avon's location and pulls out. Avon drives. Sydnor drives. Avon pulls over and parks at a curb; Herc and Carver report on his latest move. Daniels tells them to stay put, and directs Sydnor to another intercept point. Sydnor copies. Herc says that Avon's just sitting there. Sydnor backs down a block, keeping Avon within visual range. Once he's stopped, Avon pulls out, and Herc radios that Avon's doubling back. Daniels copies and pulls out. Avon drives past Sydnor, who reports on his location and follows. Avon turns. He hits a red light, and turns right down another street, which Sydnor reports. He pulls up to where Daniels can see him. Carver screams to a stop sign and holds his position -- also where Daniels can see him. Daniels huffs that Avon hasn't come out where they thought he would, and Herc says that he couldn't have eluded them: "Must have went to ground." Daniels says he'll look, and pulls out himself. As he's doing so, Avon slowly rolls past him, on the same street but going in the opposite direction. Daniels locks eyes with Avon, shocked that he did, in fact, outsmart five cops in three vehicles; for his part, Avon looks directly into Daniels's soul, and shakes his finger admonitorily. Oh, Daniels did not care for that one little bit.

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