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"Maybe We Won"

Night. Omar walks through a back room, a henchman trailing after him, and finally drops the bag of drugs he took earlier onto Prop Joe's desk. He stands by, arms folded deferentially, as Joe opens the bag and pulls out two handfuls, recognizing it as "Avon's shit": "You got Avon Barksdale chasing your ass all around town, and you still find time to take his shit." That's initiative, my portly friend. "It's your shit now," says Omar. Joe asks, "What I want with that?" "What anybody want with that, man?" asks Omar. Joe's uninterested pose is somewhat undercut by the fact that he can't stop playing excitedly with the little bundles of vials, and presently he asks Omar, "How much you asking?" "Oh, we free," says Omar. Joe can't believe it, and Omar leans forward to make his offer: "Proposition is, you get four G-packs for free, you give me some better idea on how I can reach Avon." "How to contact him?" asks Joe, looking up sharply. Omar points out that Joe and Avon just had their ball game: "How you get a hold of him to parley?" Joe says that he and Avon speak on occasion: "I page his ass." Omar says that's okay. Prop Joe asks if a number is all Omar needs. "I make do with it," says Omar. "And a code for one of his peoples." Prop Joe blinks, and looks back to one of his henchmen to ask, "What Wee-Bey use? 07?" The guy nods. "07," Omar repeats. Prop Joe puts the bag on the floor and asks Omar, "What makes you I just ain't gonna take this shit off your hands and throw your ass up outta here?" The henchman who'd followed Omar in folds his arms, like he's waiting to be told that's still going to happen. Omar, exasperated, tells Joe that if Avon goes down, "the Projects be open market again, right?" Prop Joe recaps recent events: "Avon loses a hundred large to me on a bet, then you bring me some of his shit so that I can put your predatory self on his ass. Not his day, is it?" Eh, it's still better than Daniels's.

Garage. Herc and Carver are tearing the hell out of their car, looking for the missing $7,000. And no wonder -- that trunk is a mess. I think I saw a Dead Sea scroll. Finally, Carver turns over a piece of cardboard and finds the two missing bundles. Not shown: Carver wetting his pants in relief. Herc gives up just in time to come to the back of the car and see Carver sitting on the ground, the two bundles in his hands. Herc asks where they were, and Carver says, "The wheel well. You remember when the bag broke?" Herc nods, looking like he might cry a little, and asks whether Carver thinks Daniels will believe it. Carver: "Would you?" "You didn't believe me," says Herc sadly. Carver apologizes quietly.

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