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"Maybe We Won"

Orlando's, after close. Avon complains that Savino's late for the money run. He further complains that he's hungry, and Wee-Bey offers to go grab him a sandwich. Oh, that's nice -- send the guy who's been shot in the leg to get you a snack. Orlando and Avon count cash on the bar, and then a few strippers leave, in their street clothes.

Outside, a hooded figure watches as Wee-Bey canes out the front door at Orlando's, trailed by the girls. Of course it's Omar, and after a moment he turns toward the camera to light his cigarette. Wee-Bey backs his car out. Omar dials a number on the pay phone he's been leaning on.

Inside, Avon checks his pager and sees that it's "Wee-Bey" calling, with "an emergency." As Omar watches, Avon goes to the door, looks up the street, checks his pager again, and then goes back inside. Omar picks up the phone again. Avon checks his pager again, and looks concerned to see another 911. Orlando hands him the club phone, but Avon refuses: "We got rules, right?" Reluctantly, he gets off the stool.

Outside, Avon walks up the road, away from Omar, to another nearby pay phone, and calls Wee-Bey. He gets a busy signal and hangs up, whereupon Omar starts walking toward him, staying in the shadows. Avon tries the phone again, and unfortunately for Omar, it is at this moment that Wee-Bey returns, triumphantly telling Avon that he got cheese fries. A henchman after my own heart! Realization washes over Avon's face as he sees Wee-Bey, totally not on the phone, and then the shooting starts. We get a quick shot of Omar firing, and Avon dives to take cover behind Wee-Bey's car. Wee-Bey does what he can to cover him, but the man's working with one leg, for God's sake. He does manage to hit Omar in the shoulder, it looks like, and as Avon cowers, Omar lurches over to hide behind another parked car. Wee-Bey calls out to Avon, telling him to stay down and saying that Wee-Bey's got him covered. From his position, Omar shivers in pain, and slowly manages to get to his feet, scuttling off. We get a shot of Avon's feet as he crab-walks away from the curb, and then his terrified face, and then the phone he'd used, the receiver still swinging back and forth in the commotion. Don't forget to snag your quarter, Avon!

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