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"Maybe We Won"

Bubbs is on a roof, watching a runner, and spots where the guy's hiding the stash of capsules: in an abandoned tire in a dead-end alley. As the guy runs off to deliver an order, Bubbs reaches into his pocket and starts feeding out line with a fish hook at the end. However, I know from many past Survivor challenges, what he's attempting is harder than it looks. Then again, I guess the contestants on Survivor don't have the motivation of a dope fiend, because snagging the bag could not be easier for Bubbs, and when the runner gets a call for another order, he turns around and is shocked to see that the bag of capsules has disappeared! He thinks to look up just as Bubbs has the bag within arm's reach. "MOTHERFUCKER!" yelps the runner, who takes off to try to intercept Bubbs.

Cut to Bubbs running down the stairs of the building he'd been sitting on...

...and then to an adjacent alley, where the runner starts beating the hell out of some guy who totally isn't Bubbs. Our hero presses his back against a wall, cowering at what he can hear, and waits for his surrogate to finally stay down so that he can go enjoy his haul.

Later, Johnny and Bubbs celebrate back at their squat, but Bubbs is still upset, saying that he almost got killed for this caper. Well, someone nearly got killed, but Bubbs was safe, judging by the way the crew apparently can't tell one junkie from another. "It's all in the game, Bubbs," says Johnny philosophically. Bubbs holds up the bag and apparently agrees after all. For a long moment, Johnny and Bubbs flex the arms they've just shot up, until Johnny finally opines, "This ain't shit." "I'm not high, neither," Bubbs agrees. Johnny takes a tiny lick off his finger and says that they've been shooting up baking soda. Johnny optimistically says that he'll come up with another plan, but this setback seems to have dealt Bubbs a serious blow.

Herc and Carver park their squad car at a police lot, and open the trunk to pull out the garbage bag of cash. Immediately, a couple of bundles fall out, which Herc grabs. We can't really see exactly what transpires as they try to gather all the cash into the already-compromised bag, but any of us who've ever opened our trunk days after a supermarket run to find a banged-up lone tomato rolling around in there can sympathize that sometimes items get lost in a trunk's dark corners. As they head inside, bundles loosely clutched in Herc's arms, he asks how much Carver tips for good service in a restaurant. Carver says maybe 15%. Herc comments that "some people tip 20." "Some people got money," Carver replies shortly.

Inside, Carver's getting a drink from a vending machine as Herc wonders how much Wee-Bey tips. That probably depends on whether he's been brought enough horseradish. "You'd be a clever motherfucker if there wasn't a wiretap running," says Carver. Herc doesn't know what he means, and Carver takes a long pause before turning around, looking up and down the hallway, and quietly explaining, "Say we turn in twenty [thousand dollars], and this afternoon, the bosses are listening to the wiretap and they hear we took thirty out of that car." Herc blinks and nods. Carver smirks: "Didn't think of that, did you?" Whenever there's a question of whether Herc's thought of something, the smart money's always on "no."

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