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"If I Hear The Music, I'm Gonna Dance"

Daniels meets with Kima in her sad, cramped work area. "Shit, Lieutenant, I promised!" whines Kima. Daniels: "You think my little woman's gonna give a great big cheer when she hears about it?" Hee. "You don't know Cheryl," says Kima. "You don't know Marla," Daniels shoots back. Hey, maybe you guys should set the two of them up. Daniels offers to keep Kima inside, as they'd done with Prez last year. Kima, incredulously, says, "If I hear the music, I'm gonna dance." Daniels gazes at her, waiting for her answer, and finally, Kima smiles and leans forward: "I'll tell your wife if you tell mine." They both crack up. Hey, when they break up with their respective spouses, they can get an apartment together! Think of all the carefree pillow fights they could have!

Stringer is working on homework for one of his Econ classes when Shamrock enters. Stringer gives him a suspicious-looking package of Halls: "In the car, but not out in the open." Shamrock turns to go, but Stringer calls him back; taking off his glasses and rubbing his eyes, he instructs, "Be subtle with it, man. You know what 'subtle' means?" Shamrock, not insulted, says, "Laidback and shit." Stringer squints a dismissal. Perhaps Stringer should organize a remedial English class for his Lost Boys.

Squat. Bubbs has apparently given at least one of the Discmen he stole to a drug buddy, who puts his headphones off as he nods out. Johnny, unsurprisingly, is still chewing over this whole Omar thing, telling Bubbs that if he goes rolling over rocks, he's going to get bitten by a snake. Bubbs mumbles that he's going to pay his tax, "give a working police his due." God knows McNulty gets little enough joy in this life.

In some other part of the squat, Kimmy is talking to some really, really rough-looking old crackhead, trying to suss out some intel regarding Omar's next robbery target. Crackie says that the dealer in question, Lamar, keeps his stash across the street in the low-rises, and specifically describes which door Kimmy should look for.

Elsewhere in the squat, Bubbs rouses himself droolingly and asks Pops, the Discman recipient, whether he knows anything about "that wild boy." "Omar?" asks Pops, loudly enough for Kimmy to hear and cock her head. Pops asks what Bubbs wants with Omar. As Kimmy turns around, very slowly, Bubbs says he just wants a word with Omar. Pops suggests that if Bubbs wants to find Omar, he should stand out on a corner with a huge package (not like that): "You be talking to that nigga soon enough." Pops nods and smiles at his own hilarity. Bubbs asks Johnny if he feels anything (other than sleepy, which is how he looks). Bubbs and Johnny roll out, and Kimmy gives Crackie a folded bill.

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