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"If I Hear The Music, I'm Gonna Dance"

Maui returns to his desk after lunch, past Johnny Fifty, who's rolled way back so that he can see Maui discover whatever Ziggy's done to his terminal. Maui moves the mouse to wake the monitor up, and gets...yep, it's a nice big photo of Ziggy's cock -- which, if it's James Ransone's actual equipment, isn't bad for a short guy. (By the way, Couch Baron was sitting right behind me while I had the DVD paused on that shot; I don't know if I'm relieved that he didn't look up, or disappointed.) "Goddammit, Ziggy, you sick fuck!" bellows Maui, because I guess Ziggy's cock is so well known by now that it probably has its own union card. "Get your dick out of my computer!" Man, if I had a nickel for every time I heard that in this office.

Detail office. Valchek, Daniels, Kima, and Herc get out of a couple of cars and walk up to the building. Daniels asks where the detectives are who were assigned to the case, and Valchek snits, "Dead. To me, anyway. I shipped them humps back to Burrell as fast as I could." Daniels shares a significant look, with Kima, at their new crazy-ass boss as Valchek peels away from the group, his jaw set, and stomps up to the door.

Valchek enters the office, trailed by the new detail cops. All are surprised to see Prez there, waiting for them: "What kept you?" Herc walks toward Prez, joking that the great thing about the department is that every brain-dead fool can land on his feet, and gives him a warm handshake. Prez asks where Lester is: "We got him too, right?" Daniels, also shaking Prez's hand, says that Lester was on the street with Homicide, but that Rawls promised to tell him about the detail the next day. Kima pipes up to say that McNulty didn't make it onto the detail. Herc: "McNulty, they really hate, not that I blame them." Valchek expansively says that they have Prez "for the duration," and can get anyone else from the Southeast that Daniels may want. He takes off. Herc tells Daniels that Carver's in Valchek's district now, and that it would be great to have Carver "on this." "On what?" spits Kima. "We don't even know what the hell we're supposed to be chasing, here." To Prez, she says, "No offense to your father-in-law, but it's real thin." Daniels says that, whatever happens, they can run with the program for a few weeks, "maybe make a drug case or two down by the port." He adds that it beats Evidence Control, anyway. Kima shrugs. Maybe she'd like to give Evidence Control a shot for a few months so she can find out first-hand.

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