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"If I Hear The Music, I'm Gonna Dance"

Bubbs walks with Johnny, who's telling a story about some guy who had a daughter who was born a mute. The guy's wife is upset, "so she breaks out." The guy's raising the daughter alone when she gets her period and freaks out; he thinks she was raped. So far, this anecdote is a real winner. Bubbs stops Johnny, pointing up an alleyway: "Jackpot." He's spotted $10 worth of bulk metal, in the form of an abandoned radiator, and says that they just need to figure out a way to get it to the scrapyard. Johnny complains that they'll break their backs on it. Bubbs is sort of shaking the radiator back and forth when Omar emerges from the shadows, in that way he has: "Snitchin' Bubbs." Terrified, Bubbs turns around, whereupon Omar flicks up his shotgun, cocking it. Bubbs puffs dumbly on his cigarette, Johnny staring out beside him. "You be asking for me?" challenges Omar. Uh. No! Who are you, again?

Chez Greggs And Whatever Cheryl's Last Name Is. To soften the blow that she's going back out into the field, Kima's apparently prepared a fancy meal and even lit a couple of long tapers, but as we pan across the table, we see Cheryl scowling and aggressively cutting her food in sullen silence. Across town, a very similar scene is playing out Chez Daniels. There's some more aggressive food-cutting in both locales, and then finally both Cheryl and Marla throw down their utensils and stomp off. Bitches, man. Am I right?

Elena's. She's puttering around in the kitchen with a pair of headphones on, loudly telling McNulty that they're great, and that she'll wear them at the gym. She notices McNulty sort of watching her, and takes the headphones off, asking if he hears the boys. McNulty says that it's quiet up there, and Elena says that they're probably playing videogames. "Or with a book of matches," cracks McNulty. Elena sort of raises her eyebrows at him, and then asks whether he's had a lawyer look at her separation agreement yet. He says he has, and takes a pull off the beer in his hand. Serving him liquor? Gosh, Elena's really used all her tricks to butter him up to sign that shit. She manages not to press it for about three seconds, and then says, "And?" "He says I shouldn't sign it," says McNulty plainly. Elena's pleasant mood is immediately gone, and she glares at McNulty as he says that his lawyer thinks McNulty's giving away too much: "I would never under any circumstances pay that kind of support and alimony if we went to court." Elena smirks ruefully: "That's what he says?" McNulty doesn't respond. Elena's dishwasher-unloading gets a lot slammier (and more childish), and McNulty produces the papers, proffering them to Elena: "Signed and notarized." Elena looks suspicious as she takes and inspects them. McNulty throatily says that he doesn't want to argue about the money: "I wanna get back together." Elena doesn't answer right away, probably because they both look so lovely in this warm, golden light that she's considering it.

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