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"If I Hear The Music, I'm Gonna Dance"

Funeral home. A couple of dudes count money at a table while Stringer works away at the bar on the side. Shortly, Shamrock is admitted, and he announces, "Yo, String. I was subtle with that shit." Shamrock snaps on the TV, where -- in that convenient TV way -- the warden is giving a press conference about the arrest; apparently, they'll be seeking the maximum sentence for Tilghman. Stringer turns the TV off again: "I got a midterm. I gotta study." Shamrock rolls out again, leaving Joe College to his books.

Clement Street Café. Beadie has brought Lester and Bunk to there, and asks, "What's the plan?" Lester says it's time to make it clear to the port guys that they're not going to go away. Bunk lights a cigar, and the cops head in -- Bunk confidently, Beadie tentatively. Bunk takes a position at the end of the bar for a moment, looking up the row of stools at Johnny Fifty, Nick, Horseface, the last of whom soon notices Bunk and slides off his stool. Bunk follows him to the jukebox, joking that Horseface is going to play some "country shit." As Horseface stands there stoically, Bunk flicks through the selections, choosing a doo-wop-ish song I don't recognize.

Back at the bar, Lester and Beadie sidle along the stools toward Frank, who's talking football with some old-timer named Jessy. Frank, already a bit lubricated, looks up to see Beadie standing there, and coos, "Hey, darlin'." He follows Beadie's nervous gaze to Lester, who moves between Jessy and Frank to breeze that he's just "dropping in for one or two." At the other end of the bar, we see that Horseface has come back to his stool and is anxiously conversing with Nick and Johnny Fifty. Frank tells Lester he's leaving after "this one." He throws back his shot and turns to slink off, but Bunk is in his way. He tries to be casual, asking if Lester and Bunk are Port Police. "City Homicide," purrs Lester. "Homicide?" repeats Frank incredulously. "Who got killed?" "Those dead girls in the can," says Bunk quietly. Frank insists that it was an accident -- or that's what he heard, anyway. Bunk keeps his eyes on Frank, who looks at Beadie for support. Getting none, he excuses himself, and trudges off in a hurry, leaving the cops to exchange a loaded look.

In the men's room, Frank retches painfully over the sink. Finally, he straightens up and huffs as he stares at himself in the mirror -- but he can't hold his own gaze long.

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