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"If I Hear The Music, I'm Gonna Dance"

Joan's at home in the kitchen when Nick comes in the back door, complaining that dinner is "tuna surprise" on a day when he "climbed all over two ships." Joan just seasons the dish in the oven instead of kicking Nick in his ungrateful balls. She does tell Nick that his dad, Louis, is "at the bar with the horses," and sends him down there to retrieve Louis for dinner. Nick grudgingly heads off, managing not to add that tuna surprise won't be much of an inducement.

At the Clement Street Café, Louis (Robert Hogan) is sitting alone at the bar, futzing, kind of endearingly, with a little notebook. Nick asks, "We winning, Pop?" Louis says that he was doing well, but that this year, a horse named Gulfstream is killing him. Nick tells him to go easy: "That's my inheritance." Louis grunts, and reminds Nick, "After twenty-five years, I'm still ahead almost seven thousand." Nick says that Louis should let Nick take him to Pimlico when it opens: "Try your system out for real." Aw, Louis just fake-gambles, on paper? I bet he has one of those devices that lets him buzz in while he's watching Jeopardy!, too. Louis calls that "too tempting." "Just once?" asks Nick. Louis changes the subject, saying he saw that the Cape Spruance is at Point West. Nick says that he offloaded her today. Louis smiles approvingly. Louis comments, "We double-hulled her down at number four, maybe two years before the dry dock closed up." Nick assures him that she still floats. "Of course she still floats," says Louis pissily. Nick pensively asks whether Louis ever misses it. Louis sets down his pen, thinking, and then mutters, "Wouldn't do no good." He asks Nick what's for dinner. "Tuna surprise," says Nick sadly. Louis clowns like this news has just given him a spell of some sort, and Nick laughs. Aw. All dads really are basically the same, deep down -- even fictional ones.

In his office, Rawls reads a list, drawling, "You're loyal to your people. I respect that, at least." The camera pans over until we can make out (from his ear and the back of his neck) that he's talking to Daniels, as Rawls adds, "Don't worry, Lieutenant. Burrell wants you on this detail, so I want you, too." Daniels curtly says that he needs Rawls's approval for Lester, Kima, and Herc: "They're all CID." Rawls: "Correction: you need my approval for everyone. This may be Valchek's creation, but the detail is investigative and comes under CID. If they work for me, they need my okay." He cockily hands Daniels back his list, saying the good news is that Rawls doesn't have a problem with anyone on it. Daniels starts to get up, satisfied, but Rawls wasn't done: "Except McNulty. No McNulty. Nothing that even resembles the son of a bitch." He takes great pleasure in this pronouncement, stagily putting his hands on his hips like his next line is going to be, "Go ahead -- punch me in the gut, hard as you can." "That bad?" asks Daniels, disheartened. "He quits or he drowns," declares Rawls. "That's the only two things get him off the fucking boat, so help me God." Daniels gets up, possibly deciding that it's a fight he should save for another day. Rawls, having waved his dick all over the office, asks whether Daniels even knows what the detail's about, and Daniels correctly says that it's "some kind of beef that Valchek has." "Two fucking Polacks pissing on each other's leg," says Rawls, rather succinctly. "Anything to get you out of the basement, huh, Lieutenant?" His smirk quickly turns to a chuckle. Daniels rolls his eyes disgustedly and leaves Rawls to wallow in his own crapulence.

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