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"Might As Well Dump 'Em, Get Another"

Bodie's corner. Business is slow, so Little Kevin and some other kid are regaling Bodie with retellings of SpongeBob SquarePants. Uh...most unlikely cross-promotion synergy ever, right there. Anyway, Bodie looks up to see an old friend coming toward him, and starts joking that the problem with the justice system is that it can't keep anyone in: welcome back, Poot! Apparently, Poot's just finished serving fifteen months on a four-year sentence. Looking around, he can tell things are different, and Bodie quietly catches him up on the package he's no longer getting from Slim Charles, and the muscle Marlo has to force them to sell his shitty product. Poot philosophically shrugs that one boss is the same as the next. Bodie has just called Little Kevin over to introduce him to Poot when Herc squeals up with Dozerman, ordering everyone up against the wall and demanding to know which of them is Little Kevin. No one snitches, of course, so Herc gives up and just rounds up everyone under 5'6" or 150 pounds, because he is not familiar with irony. As the cops take off with their car full of future time wasted, Bodie asks Little Kevin whether there's any "paper" on him. Little Kevin scoffs that if the cops knew what they were doing, they would have his shit in handcuffs. Look out, boys: there's a new colonel in town who isn't a total moron!

"Might as well dump 'em, get another." -- Proposition Joe. It's that kind of thinking that has me on my third iPod right now.

Hartford County Detention Center. (That would be the nicer jail Nathan had Omar moved to.) A guard lets Omar out the front gate, and he asks the person waiting there, "You my ride?" Aw, it's Bunk! And would it have killed them to throw in an Ocean's Eleven homage here? (Bunk: "I hope you were the groom.") Instead, Bunk says that he's Omar's "motherfucking saviour." They start walking to the car, Omar saying, "Told y'all Andre was lying on me, yo." Bunk says he didn't do it for Omar, adding that if he could work back through some of his old cases, Omar would be going right back to jail. Omar (a little flippantly for my taste, under the circumstances) says he knows. He asks who did kill the delivery woman, since he knows that Andre isn't cold-blooded enough for that shit. He asks whom Andre is getting his package from. Bunk doesn't answer, so Omar says that he could "go back to the crib and bear up," trying to collect information, at which Bunk gets really pissed off, grabbing Omar by the scruff of his hoodie and hissing, "You owe me, motherfucker." Omar bleats that he knows. Bunk tells him how he intends Omar to pay. Not in sweat! "If you want to pay down any part of this debt, you know what you gotta do for me?" Omar looks away, trying to stay all hard. "No more bodies," Bunk tells him. "No more fucking bodies from you. No more comebacks or get-evens on this. No more killing." Aw, man! But killing's his favourite! Omar's still looking away, so Bunk tells him, "You owe me your word." Finally, Omar looks at Bunk, just for a second, and agrees: "No bodies on me." Bunk decides to believe him, and lets him go. They continue walking to the car, Bunk telling Omar that if he really wants to ease Bunk's mind, he'd let Bunk put him on a northbound train. Omar negs that idea, though, telling him that Baltimore's all he knows: "Man gotta live what he know, right?"

"You're absolutely right," Carcetti tells a conference room full of mucky-mucks. Cute cut, there, show. He's in a budget meeting with Bond, Naresse Campbell, Norman, Gerry, and a bunch of other people we haven't seen before, and is saying that lowering crime will be the key to attracting business and jobs to the city. Bond says he hates to start their relationship with his hand out, but that his understanding is that there are two federal grants to his office that will expire this year. A guy on the other side of the table -- he doesn't get a name, but I assume he's the comptroller -- confirms that; the grants will "evaporate," and Bond will lose his budget for twelve prosecutors. Fuck, that's a lot. Bond says he was hoping that cost could be absorbed out of the general fund, "maybe even throw in a little bit more, make it competitive with the PD and Attorney General's jobs." Comptroller says that this would be the time to do it, since they're "over the revenue expected for this point in the fiscal year." Carcetti seizes on this, asking how much extra revenue they have, since he wants to give a big bump in police salaries, and an extra $50,000 for the commissioner. Campbell looks up sharply at this, as the Comptroller says they're looking at a one-shot surplus of $20 million, "but that's rainy-day money for more than crime." He adds that he's heard schools are running at a deficit.

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