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Prez's classroom. Various kids are working away at various activities -- someone's playing with a calculator, some are clustered around the computer with Dukie, some are using a tape measure. Randy comes over to see that Dukie's looked up pictures of marine turtles, while Michael learns that his height and his arm span are the same. Prez says he's heard that Michael likes to box, and guesses that he must have quite a reach. Michael giggles shyly. At the computer, Dukie's looked up wholesale candy, and Randy realizes that his suppliers at the deli are marking up their prices. He excitedly says that he could buy direct and save money, but Dukie shows him that he can't; you have to have a credit card. Randy looks over at Prez. And Prez turns into a giant pigeon right before his eyes.

Back to the boring meeting. Now some guy is talking about what kinds of projects they can build to attract people to move to Baltimore and commute to D.C., and where. He proposes a harbour promenade, which Carcetti could put his name on. Campbell rolls her eyes as Carcetti whines that it doesn't sound as cool as a stadium or an aquarium expansion, because I guess he saw the same episodes of TV Nation that I did. There's a mention of the waterfront at Locust Point, the presenter regretfully calling it a working enterprise (ish, given what we saw in Season 2); the further they get along Curtis Bay, the less you can see the skyline. "We lose the Washington crowd," says Campbell. The presenter says that part of the waterfront will need a different draw to make it viable to developers. "Casinos?" says Carcetti dispiritedly. Campbell looks up as Bond says he doesn't want to see the kind of crime that comes with casinos. "Tax base is tax base," says Carcetti blandly, but Campbell says, "This is where I get off the boat." Tossing aside her handouts, she says that it's one thing to sell waterfront property for the tax base it attracts, but that building casinos just takes money out of her constituents' pockets. In the face of Campbell's disapprobation, Carcetti backs down again, saying it was just a thought, besides which they're just getting started. He says that this is "just the first long meeting of many." (Everyone else: "...Yay?")

The meeting breaks up, Carcetti heading straight for Campbell as she gathers her papers, and asking if there's a problem between them already. Campbell curtly says that she's just trying to help guide him through the process, pointedly adding, "Mr. Mayor...-Elect." Carcetti jokes that it felt more like she was dragging him across a minefield, and asks why she's so pissed off at him. Campbell lays it out: Royce shouldn't have run again, partly because she was ready for the job, "and the deal was cut long ago that he'd back [her] when the time came." She adds that Carcetti and Gray "jumped the line." Carcetti tries to be ingratiating, saying that he's sorry he and Gray ruined her "party plans," but that he didn't know about any deals she had with Royce. He says he had been hoping he and Campbell would be able to work closely together: "I think that we could make things happen." Campbell smiles mirthlessly as she tells Carcetti he'll only be getting the one term: "I'm not gonna stand down next time." He stops her as she walks out by asking what makes her think he'd even stay in office that long: "Governor's race is in two years, and plans can change. You might find yourself mayor in 2008 without so much as a campaign speech." Campbell gives him a withering look and continues on her way, since she can laugh at his outsized ambitions on her own time.

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