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"Might As Well Dump 'Em, Get Another"

A couple of dark figures bust into a house and race upstairs, finding a lady alone in bed. Partlow immediately sticks a gun in her face and demands to know where Andre is. She cries that she doesn't know. Partlow asks Snoop, behind him, whether she believes that; she does not. Partlow puts a pillow over the woman's face and shoots just next to her head, uncovering her as he asks again. The woman, freaking out, says that Andre told her if she knew where he was going, he would have to tell Partlow. That, Snoop believes, and we learn that Andre made at least one good tactical move in his life.

Tilghman locker room. Dukie's getting ready to take a shower when Randy enters, commenting on how quiet the school is so early in the morning. He asks whether Dukie wants to go with him to see Prez, but Dukie tells him to go ahead without him. Man, that is one skinny-ass kid. Prez needs to start packing three sandwiches at lunch.

Prez's classroom. Prez is writing the day's classwork on the board when Randy enters, proffering all his cash. Prez is suspicious, but Randy tells him he won it at dice. Prez says that Randy shouldn't gamble, but Randy says he didn't -- he just used Prez's odds lessons to make good bets while other people gambled. Prez repeats that Randy shouldn't gamble, but rather than saying that Prez didn't really leave him any other options with which to bankroll his business, he grins that Prez's math was "right," and says he'll be back at lunch so they can order the candy. Prez looks at Randy's little wad of money and thinks about how he just got played.

Werner's. Carcetti has apparently just told Burrell he wants him to resign. Burrell quickly groks that Rawls is presenting himself as "the voice of reform," but says that every department head serves at the pleasure of the mayor, and that if Carcetti is firing him, he'll go quietly. Carcetti thinks that means Burrell is going to tender his resignation, but Burrell kind of laughs as he says he won't, though he realizes it's a fine distinction. In the meantime, since Rawls is doing his job for him already, Burrell's going to take the rest of the day to go play nine holes of golf -- and stick Carcetti with the cheque. Well, that's an eleven-dollar victory right there.

Duquette's class. The students file in to find that today's lesson will have them breaking into small groups to build models of various world landmarks; the team to put its model together fastest wins dinner downtown, at any restaurant the team members can agree on. Zenobia says that the box indicates there are supposed to be instructions, but Duquette says that the teachers took those out. Namond rolls with it: "Yeah, it ain't like we follow instructions anywhere else, right?" Bunny chuckles, and then it's modellin' time.

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